Island Troll Tribes SC2 remake - "Troll Tribes Blood Hunt" (TTBH)

Level 20
Sep 14, 2007
This is more of a recruitment than an actual presentation.

The full thread can be found here.

This project is new, expect progression through the project.

The Story

Originally in the jungle one troll tribe inhabited the land; the tribe was vast in numbers and flourished to the edge of the islands. Within the peace, darkness made its way into the lives of the trolls. Rituals of blood and sacrifice became common as offerings to the Gods. Skepticism and acts of crime plagued the daily life within the tribe. After the Murder of the Cheiftain the members of the tribe were quick to point fingers and lash out at one-another. The radicals quickly broke away from each other creating sub tribes and moving outward of the island. The tribes that had split apart became the prominent tribes that exist today: Ikari, Zulan and the Tilek. Over the years war has waged amongst the tribes thinning their numbers. The tribes battles and famine are too much for the ramaining patrons to exist, so the final battle and push for survival is now.

What we need:

Item/recipe creator(s)

Additional code/system/trigger specialists.

Knowledge of the original game would be great but not needed.

Thanks for your time.
Level 2
Apr 29, 2010
I have a map prototype for something exactly like this if you'd like to look at it. PM me your id and I'll show you if you're interested.