Island Troll Tribes v2.42b

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

* Fixed the bug with hypnotist that set health to 10
* Added in a new minimap image that had been originally been decided upon
* Added in a new model for river stems and river roots (thanks to LuiX)
* Also I forgot to mention in the last update that radar scout was given true sight in a 200 range.

2.42 Updates:


* Fixed a glitch that causes disease to turn meat into a stack of 10
* Changed anabolic boots so that it will now work if you have the old system of boots, spirit of wind, spirit of water, anabolic potion, anabolic potion, but improved it so that it will also work with boots, spirit of wind, spirit of water, and anabolic potion (2+ charges).
* Changed escape artist/assassin's jump so it shouldn't ever bug now. Ever. Some people were complaining about it, but in testing I couldn't find anything wrong with it.
* Added in a system that distributes leaver gold to team, as long as they have at least 10 gold.
* Updated the tooltip for panic to show that you take increased damage while panicked. People did not know this, but it has always existed like this.
* Modified the ramps around the NW and SE island that had some errors before due to some cliff heights being off making areas un-walkable.
* Changed Beastmaster's choose chicken subclass, it now no longer says "gains an additional item slot"
* Added an explanation to master crafter explaining how it works, in as few words as possible.
* Dementia Master's stupify aura now should work correctly
* Changed the cooldown of using fervor potion from 0 seconds to 5 seconds. Does not affect its abilities.
* Hawk vision increased from 0 to 100, so it is easier to track as a hunter.
* More fixes to mage masher, it should now function exactly as advertised, and shouldn't be able to be spammed.
* Added a tooltip for mage masher explaining that having two of them does not increase your chances as it has been asked several times in the past.
* Mage masher now affects priest, and all of his sub/super classes, not just booster like it used to before.

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Island Troll Tribes v2.42b (Map)

Level 1
Mar 30, 2008
I love this map!
But it should have some more doable actions, like maybe a hunter shop?
More verity of animals huntable maybe....
Need more buildings, Dock for example.
And the Tamed Pet (Beastmaster) should be controlable and can carry 2 +/- items depends on the animal.
Those are things I think that needs to make this a more enjoying game :)