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Ion Cannon

Ion Cannon for Warcraft 3. About time someone made one.

Ion, Cannon, Command, Conquer, Explosion, Laser, Strike

Ion Cannon (Model)

20:12, 2nd Jan 2010 DonDustin: epic as always
Level 7
Nov 12, 2007
A very cool spell indeed; however because of the starting lasers I believe its uses may be limited. Personally i think it would be cool as a quick cast AoE spell if it started at 0:06 - 0:16 on the video. Just my opinion though, 7/10
Level 4
Nov 10, 2007
Can someone explain me basically how this is done? Is it particle system in 3d program? What is used to export it? Don't send me to search tutorials, just answer if you know?



Level 19
Nov 29, 2006
Very nice!

Can it be scaled or is it just particles?

I have ion cannon in solar conquest, but that's without the awesome beginning. I'll plan to implement this if the end has MUCH thicker beam to suit my ion cannon. maybe 6-10 times thicker mega beam from space fired from the orbital ion cannon satellite which orbit the planet.


Also how many seconds till the ion beam itself fires?
LOLOLOLOL this models so halariously epic.

I PERSONALY found that if you make it a flame strike, were the primary damage is timed with the major blast, and keep the secondary flame strike damage for when the lazers begin/burning ground afterwards (i timed it to 12-14 seconds for the big blast, and rig it so the major damage only effects once for the duration of the whole spell) prolly more pro ways of doing it but thats the lazyest fastest way.

good to mix with blue flames effect (dont recall the creator, tho its called plasma leak somwere)

this models most amazing feature is its size, its soooooo small holy crap for what u made! well dun!

an easy 8.5/10
Level 4
Dec 16, 2010
You can make this more epic than it already is >:D I replace the model file with the spell rain of chaos, replace with ion cannon, set to a greater amount summoned, homing enabled, voila!!!! Rain of Magic!!!!!!
Level 5
Jan 26, 2011
Epic Model Man!! This is sooo good that is not a model, IS A DIVINE WORK!!! AMAZING!! 5/5!!!
And a question, well the lasers at the begining looks like that you have based somethings in the moonson ability dont you?
and the explosion looks like something taked from flame strike of the blood mage... i am right on something?