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Imported files limits

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Feb 7, 2012
I just want to ask if there is any cap of imported files through Import Editor?

I'm working on something bigger for almost 2 years and now WE starts making some bluescreens. I've now imported 1724 files of a total size somewhere about 134Mb. Using UMSWE, no limits and.. you know.

Or if Import Editor gives to all imported files some unique ID/variable?

Any informations/suggestions(PM) are higly appreciated! :thumbs_up:

Didn's find any topic on this there or overlooked it...
APProject's Iceborn Map is over 180 MB. It may take a looong time to create the map archive (e.g. saving), but I don't know of any cap besides the regular mpq limit which is 4 gb.

Bluescreens might be related to your computer. It takes quite a bit of power to load the assets and to compile the archive. Just note that there are many ways to compress models/textures, and I highly recommend compressing as much as you can (textures can be compressed ~50% if you have bird's eye view), and MDX can be compressed using MDX Squisher which will basically give you free compression for little to no quality loss. Also, compress sounds.

You'd be surprised how many bytes you can save.
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