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i have a Vjass Spell Need fix

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Level 2
May 21, 2010
i added the 2 spells and it worked in my map however there a conflict in the libary. with creeps. For Example When You use Skill it will instead of damage will Heal the Enemy spawn creep instead.... but can damage fine. with melee. just when spell is cast unit will be healed instead. Cocytus is the one causing the problem i think.

Edit:Damage Source Type-Spell-ability Reudction(damage source type) is the libary causing heal but how to fix this tho? i know i can change ability and creeps will be fine. but if it gone i can't get Spell counter >.<

Spells made by the Lordmarshall- http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/members/thelordmarshall/
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im using these vjass libaries


the thing is has problem with these like aos minons from system.


maybe this is the cause. http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/graveyard-418/extension-advanced-damage-event-213572/

The main problem the passive skill is suppose to negate damage from the enemy hero only spells. but. it also makes the minons when casted skill on them they will heal also. i have try adding to my map but it does that. does anyone know how to fix this? Cocytus trigger i think.

when i changed this part ability to unknown ability creeps don't heal anymore. but lose the ability to have Spell counter passive ability on hero. in my map its a02f but when i change it to something random to like a099 the creep take spell damage now but passive loses its skill.

The problem is i can't find where it cause the heal part. which i assume is in Advdmgevent. but when i change ability in advdmgevent to a099 the creep still still heals....


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if I opened your map I guess I would not exactly know where to start.
It would be probably the best if you could reduce the area of the potential error trigger(s).
Could you remove all stuff that you can exclude to cause the problem, and then re-post map?
I think it will become easier for people to find motivation to help in here.

Also reading this thread might become helpful: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/miscellaneous-tutorials-456/how-easily-post-triggers-163285/
Level 7
Oct 11, 2008
Both DamageEvent (and it's expansion AdvDamageEvent) and DamageSourceType is a Damage Detect System.

I'm assuming you didn't wrong after all, but two DDS shouldn't coexist in one map, so try to see the DamageSourceType and see what you got.

I think I'll need to redownload Warcraft 3 :goblin_jawdrop: since I can't help you with further details :goblin_cry:

Why are you not using JNGP since you're using Library? :p
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