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How do you obtain blps/tgas from custom models?

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Level 3
Sep 30, 2009
Well, as stated in my title..

" How do you obtain blps/tgas from custom models? "

I don't know if I'm using the right program for it... o_o
Using :: Mago's War3 Model Editor .

Since, I'm wanting to try out some custom skinning of my own.. and there are some custom models I'd like to experiment on. Except, I don't know the program that some people use to be able to make changes to the custom model skins/appearances? I admit that I'm new at custom model making.. but, I understand the whole selection and rotation and geosets.. etc, etc. Though I don't know about personalizing it myself with the appearance.

Though, I'm still thinking it involves Mago's War3 Model Editor ... even if I've been scrutinizing the references and tutorials, whatnot. Unable to really understand the "converting textures" portion and wonder if that has to do anything with the "textures" of the model. :/

+REP to anyone that helps/answers my noob-questions. <_< >_> .

Please and Thanks!
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