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How do I slow down a model's animation speed?

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Level 18
Aug 13, 2007
  • Animation - Set unit animation speed
Also, you can regulate in Magos (can't remember where) to what movement speed does the normal-paced Walk animation of a 1.00 scaled model correspond. This way, when you make the units bigger and keep the move speed constant, the walk animation will be slower.
Level 60
Jan 20, 2008
I think it has something to do with the "Art - Animation - Walk Speed" and "Art - Animation - Run Speed". The movement speed you input there would be treated as the "normal speed", the one in-sync with the model's walk animation. If your actual movement speed (the one under "Movement - Speed Base") is higher or lower than what you put in the "Art - Animation - Walk Speed" and "Art - Animation - Run Speed", then the model will look like walking faster or slower respectively.
Level 42
Oct 20, 2010
If you mean about The Model, not too hard, Increase the Length of the Frame Count for that Animation, And then Increase the Gap Between every frame (This only Work for Simple Animation tho)

or another way, you can do it In Matrix Eater,
Create a empty Animation with the Framecount you want, Open the MOdel with Matrix Eater, Import Itself, Uncheck Everything (Geoset, Object)
Go to Bone, Hit Motion to all Bone(Or button Like that)
go to animation tab, choose the Animation you want to change Speed, and then choodr TimeScale into Preexisting, and Choose the Empty Animation you just Made, Uncheck all other Animation that you don't wanna duplicate, hit finish and you're done

(Backup Your thing)
(Wall of text, Not even sure if it is understandable, i can explain in chat if ye want)
People have suggested the most of it, however when it comes to walk speed, there is a little trick.

When placing the animation keys in the note track, where you write the names of your animations, you can enter a row that says MoveSpeed 270. What this does is define that 270 is the speed you intended your unit to move in - if it moves faster in the game the animation will also play faster, and vice versa. Entering a high number means the animation will be played slowly. This fiend can also be edited in magos model editor. It only affects the walk animation, though.
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