Hive Multiplayer Accounts

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Apr 2, 2013
Hive Multiplayer Accounts

A list of Hive member usernames and their online WC3 aliases. Reply to add yours.

*Main account - Northrend (Europe):

@A]mun - Visuv*
@Aeroblyctos - Aeroblyctos*
@Apheraz Lucent - Apheraz_Lucent*
@aple - Templarfreak
@Barade - Barade*
@Chaosy - CeriGG*
@DUTY OF RS - asermaser*
@GrandMaitre - GrandMaitre*
@HayateRein - Kotomi*
@Fingolfin - I_Love_Cat*
@kokorogensou - kokorogensou
@Legal_Ease - Legal_Ease
@lokharke - Lokharke*
@pred1980 - pred1980*
@Radagast - Radagast.*
@Ralle - 40k_ralle89*
@Sh4kE - Sh4kE*
@StoPCampinGn00b - StoPCampinGn00b*
@Vidovit - Vidovit*
@Vladadamm - Vladadamm*
@WhiteFang - WhiteFang*
@Wietlol - Wietlol*
@wTc[JediMaster] - wTc[JediMaster]
@xxdingo93xx - [rainbow]xxdingo93xx[/rainbow]*
@Znoopy - Zno0py* - Azeroth (US East):

@Anwynn - Ariel*
@aple - Templarfreak*
@Directive255 - breaky
@HayateRein - Kotomi*
@JCarrill0 - JCarill0
@KILLCIDE - killcide
@kokorogensou - kokorogensou*
@Legal_Ease - Legal_Ease*
@Mech_Warrior - Mech_Warrior*
@Paillan - Paillan
@Radagast - Radagast.
@Samuro - Samuro*
@StoPCampinGn00b - StoPCampinGn00b
@Swan - ADyingSwan*
@wasabiwaffles - mf-shroom*​ - Lordaeron (US West):

@Apheraz Lucent - Apheraz_Lucent
@aple - Templarfreak
@Directive255 - breaky
@kellym0 - kellym*
@KILLCIDE - killcide*
@kokorogensou - kokorogensou
@HayateRein - Kotomi*
@Legal_Ease - Legal_Ease
@GhostThruster - noobelf*
@JCarrill0 - JCarill0*
@StoPCampinGn00b - StoPCampinGn00b - Kalimdor (Asia):

@Directive255 - dorec*, breaky
@aple - Templarfreak
@Legal_Ease - Legal_Ease
@Thorlol - Thorlolking*


@apcrabnightlive - apcrabnightlive*
@blancfaye7 - blancfaye7
@BloodDrunk - _BloodDrunk_
@Quilnez - Quilnez*
@wTc[JediMaster] - wTc[JediMaster]​


@~Nightmare - nytmare-07*
@BandolXD - UmaruOniiChan*
@blancfaye7 - sakuya.PADS
@harooooo - harooooo
@Paillan - Paillan
@Roland - iAardvark
@SpasMaster - SpasMaster*
@xXxMKDxXx - MostNightMare​

ID number preferred over nick name as it's easier to find IDs*
@Aeroblyctos - Aeroblaaattori, Blaattori, Blyctos, Aeroblyctos
@Apheraz Lucent - Apheraz Lucent
@Gismo359 - Gismo359
@hypsandar - HypSandar* ID:7429081
@Paillan - Paillan
@Roland - Roland*
@Shadow Fury - Shadow Fury*
@SpasMaster - SpasMaster
@Wietlol - Wietlol
@wTc[JediMaster] - wTc[JediMaster]
@xXxMKDxXx - MostNightMare​

@Gismo359 - Gismo359
@harooooo - harooooo*
@xXxMKDxXx - MostNightMare​

@Aeroblyctos - Blaattori
@DaneTheBeast - danegunjic*
@SpasMaster - SpasMaster​

Ranked Gaming Client:

@BloodDrunk - Conjuring†​


@Avex - AVEXLI*
@Gismo359 - Gismo359​
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Vladadamm @Northrend, but well not really active.

Chaosy - [email protected](Europe)

I never play though..
I created the account like 5 minutes ago because I was curious how it worked and I got absolutely no idea how it identified that my copy was legal because they did not ask for my account.
You entered a key on installation, old bnet only checks if the key is a valid one and if there's nobody already connected to bnet using that same key.
So, not really a check if your copy is legal as you could give a copy of you wc3 folder to a friend and it will work just as fine for him as it does for you, except for you being unable to both connect to bnet at the same time (as you share the same key).
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Jul 14, 2011
Garena - Username: dany_77777, Nickname: Gismo359
Game Ranger - Gismo359
W3Arena - Gismo359 - Gismo359

I'd say the main account is on Garena, even though it is pretty much abandoned for anything except dota. I rarely play on the others.
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Nov 15, 2012
i'm kokorogensou on Northrend, Lordaeron, and Azeroth (Azeroth being my main). trying to ease myself back into the game, though no guarantees that i'll be on BNet too often since i'm usually busy with other things.

... thaaaaat, and i'm not the best when it comes to playing melee. :"D




I think I prefer adding accounts with IDs Instead of their names it's because Game ranger has multiple duplicate names. For example My name in Game ranger has 3000 Various same names.