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Hive Goals

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Level 22
Feb 4, 2005
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-Hit 1000 posts (About to be achieved today)
-I joined because I wanted to make Wc3 maps.
Level 18
Mar 13, 2009
What are your goals on this site?
Main goals: To interact with the community and have fun.
Side goals: to learn modeling (and hopefully to release at least 1 approvable Starcraft 2 unit model), to get better at drawing and to help out others by testing maps, providing feedback, etc...

What goals did you accomplish?
All of the above goals are ongoing, so I can't ever really say I accomplished them. Two older goals of me to finish my Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 project are currently dropped, although I could get back to my Starcraft 2 project if the bug that killed my project is fixed.

Why did you join?
To provide feedback on a map by another user I met on BNet. I had been lurking the resource section for about a year by then. I then became active in the World Editor Help Zone and Triggers & Scripts section, hoping to eventually release a map I was working on. Eventually I joined the chat and got to know other users active in there.
Level 3
Jun 28, 2011
1. What are your goals on this site?

To launch a successful campaign.

2. What goals did you accomplish?

Non yet :c but I am getting there!

3. Why did you join?

It is the best site for warcraft 3 map makers!
Level 17
Apr 3, 2010
Why i joined:
Nice community
to have fun
to help out
to learn !

What i accomplished:

I helped some people out

I am now a Slightly above noob terrainer

Im having fun

Im learning a hella alot =D---- And in the mean time discovering how inefficiant Wc3 is :( and the editor and gui

I.e The fail timers :(

1. Make a map i dont think is awefull.
2. Understand what the hell people are talking about when Dicussing jass vjass JScript C++--Polar forms--Systems n stuff -----And other internal and external software or hardware or scripting languages.

3. Become a half decent terrainer

4. Create some kind of resource

5. End all philosophical arguments with Variable logic

6. Expand and fix up the theory of Variable logic and try and figure out why there is an unending paradox.

7. To discover why the hell my calculator loops when i input Set X=3

Set X=Ans
Repeat equasion

Or in calculator terms

Hit 3 hit =
Hit = While recording each term
Repeat while editing various parts of the equasion to see which part is the instigator.

Level 22
Feb 4, 2005
Last Update 'Hive Goals': Big adventure, tons of fun, in MLP. If not the pwnies I wouldn't be here, so I am here to have endless amounts of pony fun as I dont want to go to 4chan or too fanatic places about it.

So everything else has lost meaning here, maps? Sc2 .. you mean here? Don't make me laugh at Ralle pls. Anything else? What a waste of time, I hate forums and discussing games with clueless casuals. So pwnies power! Herding is magic.
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