Hey guys! Eggie Poo Poo from 2006 here!

Level 5
Jan 2, 2019
Hi all!!!!!!! xD

How has everyone been the last 12 years? Any of the other old people still here, like Mecheon, olofmoleman, Rui, VGSatomi, Werewulf, FinalTyrant etc.?

I was that guy who made that World of Dragon Ball Z map. It was pretty sweet.

Anywho, what ya all been up to? I'm doing programming in school ironically, though it is not [email protected] 3 game design related, it's just comp3wt3ry stuff....
Level 36
Mar 15, 2006
Holy shit. Another fossil, eh? Welcome. You're a few years too late, sadly.

You *might* get lucky and find Rui still lurking around here, but I haven't seen Mecheon since about ~2008. Man, that guy used to make me laugh. He's one of the only internet people I've met that could sincerely pull off the whole 'Ron Swanson' surliness without looking like a complete douche.

Moleman never made the transition to The Hive from Wc3sear, and hasn't been active since that happened in 2007.

VGSatomi briefly joined the moderation team here during the merge, but became inactive soon after.

Werewulf was an epic shitposter for a long time. She outlasted me- I stopped visiting this place regularly in '09. I have no idea what she's up to these days. And I've never heard of FinalTyrant, so chances are they never made it to this board from the merge.

Cheers lol.