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  • I was wondering if you still wanted that story for those units the rat and the tank and so on? =3
    If you do please PM or VM me..
    8PM gmt is little bit too late for me. I have classes early in the morning the day after, non-stop, so 9PM gmt+1 would be too late. On Friday, I am free from all classes, and despite that I really shouldn't have time for this, I can do so that day. We need to discuss the overall role I have however.

    Yet again.... If someone else has volunteered, I'd be happy to not do the job. It may sound hypocritical, but that's how I feel it is at the moment.
    Like I said, please give me a date or something, so I can organise it without getting it conflicting with exams and classes at my uni, if you have any date/time interval in mind...
    You know all the things you said about Ubisoft and your career. Nobody believe it anymore because of the music contest. I suggest you apologize or tell us what's going on.
    I would say maybe. If you could give me a date when you want it all planned, I could check my schedule.

    Sorry if I have been an ass about you and the music contest, it's not like I said anything bad about you, but I was seriously doubting it was a coincidence of your leaving until you came back. And Im more of a moral rights guy at some points.
    Everyone wants an explanation to [POST=1463464]this[/POST].

    Please clarify to us contestants, how much points will be given for coding, you mention it will be rated, that you will get a judge for coding, but the rating table has absolutelly no info about it.

    Thanks in advance.
    Just sending you a VM instead of spamming the contest thread.
    Well, sorry i didnt know you answered it before. I was sure i didnt see it anywhere :p
    But i actually have a question more. When you say level design, do you then mean good looking terrain, or the maps' structure? I mean, whats the most important thing you are searching? A guy with good terraining skills or a guy that know about how to make the structure of the map? Sorry for the questions, i know what you're thinking about the hundreds of annoying messages you get with alot questions, but it is just interesting to know what 'level design' exactly is. And as you are working with it daily, then i think you're the best to ask the question. Well. Sorry for the wall of text too :p I won't annoy you anymore (atleast not for now). :)


    Also. You're so cute with your dog. :)
    Mm, okay I see. As I say, I am happily volunteering for the judging part, however, what could stop me is exams and other school projects at that time. Ill tell you as soon as I find out, if I can or not. Notify me if the spot would be taken though:p
    So, did you find a "trigger" judge yet? I could be useful I guess. But I dont really see where and what that guy who is qualified for the triggering judging should do. After all this seems to be more a designing contest with level art and lore, but not anywhere in the judging does it say that the participant should be or is demandable to be a good trigger/coder.
    Posting this before I forget I said it.
    how come you being here on the hive ?
    Was you a part of making Rayman ?
    i have seen ubisoft so many places. What other games than assassins creed have you made ?
    And are you working on a new game right now. If you cant tell anything about it its okay i just want to know.
    Have a good day
    Let me guess. Assasin's Creed 2?
    I haven't played Assasin's Creed, but I tryed it... great game, just those flag collecting missions made no sence...

    By the way, people ussually write in person's you're talking to, not your own Visitor Messages... :D
    :) I've just recently started working here. I've been an intern on Assassins Creed 1 thou. And I can't share information on our current project.

    And yea, I hang around here because I'm a wc3 modding freak since long long time :) . I was gone for a while but recently came back.
    So... what games have you worked with?.. i didn't knew there are professional game designers at THW...
    You work at Ubisoft?
    I love Rayman, but I would have no Idea whether you were part of that or not.
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    (Post) A wonderful idea, and the site certainly appreciates an industry level member staying around.
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