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Help with a problem

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Level 13
Aug 19, 2014
Hello guys I need a help regarding on my map, I want units to differ on damage. (Attacks and Spells). If a unit's attack type is Normal which deal physical damage, I want his spell to do physical damaged too. For Physical Damage Spell, I'll just have to put ''Normal Attack Type'' and ''Normal Damage Type'' on the trigger right? Now If a unit's attack type is Magic which deal's Magic Damage I want to make his spell do Magic Damaged, I will put ''Magic Attack Type'' and ''Magic Damage Type'' on the trigger right?

Now here's my problem, Default WC3 spells do Spell Damage. So if I want to make them do Magic Damage instead, I will have to recode all of them if I were to use them.

What I'm thinking is to just renamed the spell damage to magic and just modify its gameplay constant's to same as magic damage. However when I put Spell on the unit's attack type, it end up being normal. Why is that :vw_wtf:

View attachment Physical Damage Detection v1.2.0.1 GUI.w3x

Here I tried to experiment in this system, I modify the Mountain King's attack damage to 10 attack type to spell and his spell Storm Bolt that will deal 10 damaged. However not same value of damage appear in the text.
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Level 10
Jun 6, 2007
With PDD, you could detect when spell damage is dealt, null it, and deal equivalent amount of magic damage. You could have an array or hashtable which contains information, which units' spells should deal normal damage. Alternatively you could give units, who deal normal damage a dummy ability, and check that in damage detection trigger.

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 63
Jan 18, 2005
I do not think I have ever seen a unit deal "spells" type damage on attack. I do not recall it being selectable in the old days for unit attacks either. I think the type is just not well implemented.

Tooltip wise it seems Ability damage uses "DAMAGETIP_NORMAL". The normal damage attack uses "DAMAGETIP_MELEE". As such you can at least customize the tooltip for the damage type. The icon seems linked to normal damage however so likely cannot be customized.
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