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Aug 13, 2017
Jun 6, 2007

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Aug 13, 2017
    1. Aradar
      They should happen during the game.

      Perhaps you could do something like using levels or perhaps something more advanced.

      "Energy". Energy is earned by staying alive during battle (more on harder difficulties) and upon dying you lose all the acquired energy for that round? Some "weaker" pokemons could then be balanced by having access to evolution trees quicker by using less energy?
    2. Aradar
      Perhaps you could give every character their spells except for their ultimates.

      I found it very boring being only able to attack as an onix.
    3. Aradar
      I tried your map.
      I kinda liked it.
      I am not sure I enjoyed the idea of legendaries being playable and rather thought that they would fit as dropped items that can create spells or something along those lines.

      Perhaps have them work like the pokeballs from Super Smash Brawl? Or perhaps like the spells from the spell thingy building in Enfos?
    4. Aradar
      Thanks I plan on taking a look later.

      Also if you require any help please ask me, as I am a big fan of pokemon :D
    5. Aradar
      Hey man could I perhaps see your pokemon gladiator map?

      I'm the creator of Pokémon Legacy and would like to see what you have done in your map.
    6. Lambdadelta
      I have used your laser textures in a spell I uploaded =)
    7. Kala
      mitäs erkki?
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