Help on my map project

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Level 12
Dec 17, 2009
few things

i need a custom movement system for flying units, wich when not moving or using spell(attack) alway move around like a real plane.

and i need a spell that u can use on one of your units, to control it
EXAMPLE: i use a dummy spell on a unit (than is not owned by me), the unit
gonna be controlled by the caster player that was controling the unit (it means that u cant cast on enemy units)
and when u cast it, the camera will follow the unit like a First person.
and it can be canceled by clicking "ESC"

Here is a example

Level 8
Apr 26, 2011

1, create a new spell, do nothing, can only cast on allies

2, create a trigger, when the spell is cast on target, then :
- changed the owner of targeted unit to you (so you can control)
- this unit become selected
- changed custom value of this custom to old owner's ID (if you want to return to right owner after hit ESC)
- change your camera setting to lock on this unit ? (you need to find out how)

3, hit ESC :
- unselect this unit
- change owner back to old owner (read "custom value of unit" to find out who was old owner)
- reset your camera
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