Gun/weapon upgradables

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Aug 1, 2008
Right now im working on a zombie map where basically civlization has basically started all over but a few intelligent people are left, and you make your weapons from items you find on the ground around your area. And i was wondering if you guys have any item ideas that start as a basic stage and get to a more complicated stage.

Here's a example. You cut a tree to get a log, that you sharpen with a knife you get a wooden axe. Then you cut off the end of the axe and replace with a rock to get to the more advance one. Then finally you replace it with a piece of steel to make a even more advance one.

I need some ideas like this for melee weapons (like knifes, axes, daggers, ect) and ranged weapons (like sling-shots, long range, short range, ect)

Basically i'm looking for any type of like basic weapon that your could make from your environment. Or like parts and pieces of metal or somthing. If possible make upgradable but they don't have to be.

If you have any ideas I would greatly appreciate them. +rep for any ideas :)
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Dec 7, 2008
I suppose you are not getting many relpies because what you said for the axe will be simmilar for all other melee weapons.


'After attaching the stringy substance to an oddly shaped twig, we have discovered that it provides enough force to launch a pebble at great speeds'
Stage 1 - Stick + Sinew. Stones for ammo.
Long ranged tactical weapon.

'After numerous studies in ranged warfare, we have found that shaping our new device into an easier handheld device and using more powerful shots improves performance'
Stage 2 - Slingshot + Knife. Stones or Metals for ammo.
Increased damage output. Allows metal balls to be used as projectiles, dealing even more damage.

'Further tests prove that if the sinew was replaced by a more versatile substance, further targets can be reached!'
Stage 3 - Slingshot 2.0 + Elastic. Stones or Metals for ammo.
Increased range, slightly increased damage.
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Aug 26, 2009
[Wooden Sword]
Made by using:
Cutting two trees, getting two logs.
Rock from mining (?).
Carving Knife.

"Needing something stronger to kill the evil and dangerous animals, you carved something with sharp edges, in order to increase damage output."

[Oak Bow]
Made by using:
Cut two logs from (special trees?) oak trees, getting two oak logs.
Carving Knife.

"Sometimes you thought it was too dangerous to get up close to an enemy to attack, but you also thought a slingshot was too weak, so you carved an object that was strong enough to launch sharper objects."

[Rock Arrow]
Made by using:
Two rocks
A feather
Carving Knife.

"Well, you needed something to launch from your bows!"

Level 15
Jun 17, 2008
1. Tonfa
Wooden Tonfa
A piece of wood that you strap to each hand, just under the elbows. Attacking this way will free up the use of your hands, if they are already holding onto something
Requires - Two pieces of logs, some vines (to be used as ropes)

Carved Wooden Tonfa
This tonfa is carved with granite to give it sharper edges.
Requires - Wooden tonfa, some stronger vines (to be used as ropes), granite

Metal Imbued Tonfa
This tonfa is not only carved for a shaper edge, but also has pieces of metal struck into it for maximum power during attacks.
Requires - Carved wooden tonfa, some rope, pieces of metal

2. Primitive Flail
Rock on a vine
Nothing more than finding some strong enough vines to tie onto a medium sized piece of sharp rock. The vines don't exceed the length of 2 arms to minimize the chance of breaking when the user starts swinging it
Requires - A sharp, hard piece of rock, some vines.

Sharpened Rock on a vine
Nearly the same as its earlier variation, just uses sturdier vines and some effort in sharpening the rock
Requires - Rock on a vine, some stronger vines, some more sharp rocks.

Simple Flail
This variation takes more work to do. The sharpened rock is first dipped into a hot lava to harden its surface, and then some rope must be found to replace the fragile vines, and finally a piece of sturdy wood is needed to be used as a handle.
Requires - Sharpened rock on a vine, some rope, a sturdy log, a source of lava or something similar.

3. Primitive Spear
Sharpened Stick / Sharpened Bamboo
There are two variations that could be used - wood or bamboo. Wood requires more effort and needs to find something of suitable size, while bamboo is easier to make but can't be improved much. Both variations need to have their tips sharpened with hard rocks.
Requires - Log of appropriate length and width or bamboo, some sharp rocks.

Metal tip spear / Metal tip bamboo
Better then merely sharpened versions, this type of spears have sharp metal attached to their tips
Requires - Sharpened stick or Sharpened bamboo, some metal pieces
Level 4
Aug 26, 2009
[rare item idea]

[Arcane Pike]

[Found in chest or drop]

"Growing in power, the pike harnesses your stamina, increasing its amount. It also seems to reveal things that, didnt seem to be there before."

Grants sight of invisible units
Plus [YOUDECIDE] amount of health/mana.
Plus [YOUDECIDE] amount of damage.


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May 9, 2009
What you need is...

Wooden Stick

The simplest of tools thats so simple, even a monkey can use it! Adds +1 damage

Found in: Level 1 Treasure Chest
Gained from: Treant, Tree

Wooden Pole

A pole made from a number of sticks. Adds +5 damage and 25% chance to deal 125% damage

Found in: None
Gained by: Treant King, Old Man, Old Woman

3 Stick
2 String/2 Amber/2 Sticky Substance

Wooden Staff

A staff made of wood that holds the intelligence of one. The intelligence however, seems to be from one not so smart. Adds +7 damage, +2 Intelligence and 45% chance to deal 150% damage

Found in: Holy Chest, Wizard's Chest
Gained by: Wise Old Man, Wizard, Wise Hobo, Thief, Treant Lord, Merchant's Chest

2 Pole/4 Stick
2 String/2 Amber/2 Stick Substance
1 Villager/Peasant/Man/Bandit's Head
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Dec 7, 2008
Steel + Forge + Mould = Metal Barrel
Lumber + Axe = Wooden Handle
Metal barrel + Wooden handle + gunpowder = Gun

Steel + Forge + Mould = bullets

Bullets + Gun = Loaded gun

Instructions: Pull trigger to kill someone. Clean up afterwards.
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Apr 30, 2007
hand cannon

what you need:

charcoal (burnt wood)

saltpeter (type of salt)


metal tubing

rock/ball bearing (ammo)


btw this is about all you need to make a cannon just so you know:thumbs_up:
You actually need water too, to make the gunpowder most effective, we made gunpowder in chemistry at school.

Melee weapon:
Simple sword
requiers a metal tube, a hammer or heavy rock, an anvil or a large surface that can be used in the same way, and a fire.
you simply heat the pipe and hammer a part of the pipe flat so that it turns sharp like a sword.
Level 14
Jul 16, 2009
Wooden Catapult
Wood, some rocks to use as ammo, rope/vines
Rope-ish wood/vines, a sharp stone.

Magical Wooden Mask
Wood, Manastones and colours to paint it.

Stone Hammer/Axe
Sharp or cube-ish stone, vines, a wooden handle.
Level 9
May 9, 2009

A long line that can be used for many things. Used for recipes

Found in: Random Treasure Chest, Cow Level Chest, Level 1 Treasure Chest
Gained from: Dying Fish, Treant, Treant King, Centaur Archer

2 Animal Sinew

Wooden Bow

A small bow made of wood. Usually used to take down small prey like little wittle bunny rabbits. Adds +4 damage and 350 range

Found in: Level 1 Treasure Chest
Gained by: Archer, Hunter, Rogue

1 Line/4 Animal Sinew
3 Stick/2 Wooden Pole/1 Staff