[GUI]Stomp Of Corruption v1.4 [MUI]

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Here we go again

As I've been workin on my teams wc3 project, been on vacation, school projects etc I havent had the time to upload something here. And also I wanted to learn MUI so I've read Kingz tutorial like a 10000 times. Read many many spells especially paladons shockwave with knockback.

About The Spell
Stomp Of Corruption
The Chieftain stomps the ground, creating a wave of corruption in each direction, dealing 1,2x strentgh to all units it hit. Also every unit the wave passes get knockbacked. Also all the unit it passes gets a small armor reduction for a small duration. Knockback range, armor reduction and duration increases by level.
How to change the spell info
The spell is fully customizeable for your needs, check the read me ingame and the trigger headers. Also check the documentation, documented almost everything. If you wanna change the armor reduce values, change in the object editor, reduce dummy spell.
If you want to use this for a normal unit, change the damage variable to something else then the attribute I have now!
If the screenie were to small, then check it out below:


1.0 Released

1.1 Changed the armor reduce ability to something more proper, changed special effect according to kingz advice also added a eye-candy sp and some variables to choose if you want it or not want it, minor code change, made a preload trigger, minor typo fixed.

1.2 Fixed preload trigger, removed music from the map, also changed a minor trigger in the map stuff.

v1.3 & 1.4
removed the temporary arrayed variables, added new variables not temporary ones. fixed preload trigger once more, now it actually destroys itself, changed a bit preloading stuff, fixed knockback for units, now it isn't totally random. Fixed one hit only function.

Credits goes to:

Kingz for his super dupa tutorial and sp choice
Paladon for his knockback system and his shockwave spell (learned alot from that one :p )

Credit me if you use it bla bla bla.

stomp, corruption, undead, wave, death, missile, circle, mui, mpi, baassee

Stomp of corruption v1.4 (Map)

19:31, 19th Apr 2009 Hanky: Advice: 5 points are the highest rating and 1 point is the lowest rating. Documentation: 5 Visual Effects: 2 Triggering: 4 Idea: 3 Total: Well the spell is ok, but I don't like how you used the...




19:31, 19th Apr 2009

Rating Points
Advice: 5 points are the highest rating and 1 point is the lowest rating.

Documentation: 5
Visual Effects: 2
Triggering: 4
Idea: 3


Rating Comment

Well the spell is ok, but I don't like how you used the effects. It's kinda boring to create a "spam" of same looking effects, but that's just my opinion. The triggering was pretty good, the spell is leakfree and MUI. But there's also a little point which isn't good. You should add a "Preload-Trigger" where you preload the ability and the used effects, if you don't add this "Preload-Trigger" there'll be always this "first cast lag". The idea of the spell was ok, but it was nothing new.

To bring all this together, your spell could need some little work. Currently I would rate this spell with an useful.
Advice: If you didn't understood my rating or if you maybe have questions because you don't know how to fix bugs or leaks etc. You can always send a private message to me. I will answer as soon I got time.
Level 22
Nov 14, 2008
yeah about the blackness... use an undead model instead of Chieftain :p

The thing about it that I was using Black_Stans' chieftain skin but it took alot of space so unnecessary import.

Yeah Kingz going to fix the preload today just had to ask Hanky about a thing.


The spell have been updated!

The screenshot doesnt show the proper one, press it to see the new one or check the in-game screenshot!
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Level 25
Jun 5, 2008
If i am not wrong preloading for effects looks like:
  • Set gfx1 = *effect string*
  • Set gfx2 = *effect string*
  • Game - Preload gfx1
  • Game - Preload gfx2
  • Custom script: call PreloadStart()
While preloading for abilities looks like:
  • SOC Ini
    • Set SOC_TempPoint[0] = (Center of (Playable map area))
    • Unit - Create 1 Dummy for Player 1 (Red) at SOC_TempPoint[0] facing Default building facing (270.0) degrees
    • Unit - Add SOC Armor Dummy to (Last created unit)
    • Unit - Add Stomp Of Corruption to (Last created unit)
    • Unit - Add a 0.01 second Generic expiration timer to (Last created unit)
    • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_SOC_TempPoint[0])
When adding abilities add all the custom abilities you are going to use for the spell and when preloading effects be sure you don't use a variable which value is <Empty String> cause you did that, you created an effect from a empty string.
Also remove the sound playing, and manualy set the hero level and ability level to avoid the map initialization lag.
Just to let you know: Sounds also needs to be preloaded or they will cause lag the first time they are played.
Else the eyecandy is better now, just retrigger the preload trigger.
Level 22
Nov 14, 2008
btw, knockback is sort of buggy, it doesnt only knockbak away from the caster:
- sometimes towards the caster
- sometimes to some random direction

yeah it's weird but thats if you move the caster after casting the spell during the knockback :S

@ Kingz

well dunno, fixing stuff, got it about the strings

Hanky said:
baassee said:

Well basic question about the preload once if I got it correct, just in map ini, create a point, a unit add ability to unit, create sp at point and remove all right?

I know about the first lagg thought you told me before about it in the poisonwave

Yes, exactly.
Level 2
Apr 2, 2009
yeah it's weird but thats if you move the caster after casting the spell during the knockback :S
then fix it. But i have a sugestion what about making that the more enemies around him the less splash? and what about making if a sliding unit hits a tree then the sliding unit will get its slide speed reduced greatly and the faster he hits the tree the more damage he will take. The last sugestion is what about making some diffrent special effects when the ability has a higher livel? like Howl of terror special?



Level 20
Aug 27, 2007

Idea/Creativity : 7/10
Trigering/Scripting : 8/10
Balance/in game play : 7/10
Description/Originality : 8/10
Efficiency : 8/10
User Friendly : 8/10

Is Multi Instanceable : [YES]

Final Rating : 46
Status : Recommended

Rating System
0 - 15 = SHIT
16 - 25 = Unacceptable
26 - 35 = Lacking
36 - 45 = Useful
46 - 55 = Recommended - Highly Recommended
56 - 60 = EPIC *Highly Recommended *

My View of the spell.
Well u got ur rating 43.5 but i bugged it a little and played with it until it got 46
thus making it recommended ....... the spell seems very nice and the trigering is
fine i like the spell but the knockback seems bad i think it has to do with the angle
still like it :p

How to improve : Well fix the knockback make it more original :)

Well i will let u off with +Rep ;)
Level 13
Mar 13, 2010
YYEEESSSS!!!!!!!! You have no idea how long i've been waiting for somthing like this! now this is one of my favorite spells! thanks. 5/5