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Dec 10, 2017
Nov 20, 2011

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Dec 10, 2017
    1. deepstrasz
    2. bhusta
    3. bhusta
      Crigges guckt auf mein Getrigger:
    4. Mythic
      Crigges, [IMG]

    5. Garfield1337
    6. Magtheridon96
      reported for unwanted interrogation.

      I want an internet lawyer
    7. Magtheridon96
      reported for sexual harassment
    8. Bannar
      You are not a good diplomate, thats first; and I got to accept nothing, thats second.
      I'm not the first nor the last one who shared this opinion. I've not said that it looks bad or has horrible performance either.
      And yes, I've seen the compiled code, as I had while working with any extension or alternative to vanilla Jass, just to know what I'm really dealing with.

      However, I wish you good day, time you spent helping the community is priceless, and I do appreciate it.
    9. Kazeon
      well, take your time :)
    10. Kazeon
      I gave you rep and there is a message there, please read ;)

      Just want you to understand, I know these days there are so many disappointing reviews by moderator. but about rating by users it's absolutely optional and 100% up to the user himself. the point you must understand here is, not so many people gave rating truly based on the quality of the map itself, it's more about: is this user is decent for 5/5? not the map.. I'm not saying my map is better or not, but please look at my Flappy Bird, the degree of difference in every aspect (gameplay, features, display, effortness, etc) with that 2048 game is just too big. I can't easily accept that 2048 gets 5/5 while so many people come to my game to give 4/5 and even 3/5, it's because they think I (not my map) don't deserve 5/5.
    11. muzzel
      grad echt viel zu tun~
    12. Geries
      Ok, did your test, and I have to say that its not the cpu what was the limit, it was the gpu. At the location that the camera was initially set to I got exactly 20.0(weird) fps, when I moved it away I had exactly 60.0(even more weird), but the cpu was just fine.
    13. muzzel
    14. muzzel
    15. muzzel
      Happy fucking birthday [IMG]
    16. Kanadaj

      What's with your "struct extends array" hate? :D
    17. Doomlord
      Hey there, long time no see. How have you been doing? I was really busy with uni and midterm so I haven't been active much.

      By the way do you have a Skype account or a FB account? I feel kinda inclined to not come to the Hive chat recently so I think we should look for a suitable alternative :D
    18. vince759
    19. vince759
      master, i want an attachment when i upgrade an upgrades but i dont know how..
    20. morbent
      Crickets xD!!
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