Goblin's tale!

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I remember... a time of peace, long before the arrival of the Scourge, and long before the Third War.

I remember... a time when we were lost and hungry, and when we managed to escape and survive like true goblins. We lost many of our friends, but we never lost our will to survive.

I remember... when we found an island off the coast of the Stranglethorn Vale, free of the Orcs' tyranny and the Humans' insolence, and managed to establish a village where we would recreate a peaceful life brick by brick. The legends of our society, the names you hear around you every day, are the ones who created this village, created the walls and the houses you are living within right now. What you see around you today is forty years of sweat and nerves. It was worth it though.

I remember... the glory and the pride of each villager when we finally were able to breath and smile. I also remember when that all changed: The day the infamous fish-men of the island, the Murlocs, attacked! In massive hoards they came across the bridges, bloodthirsty and seeking revenge. For what reasons they did this, I can't say for sure. We hunted them for our amusement, we sometimes ate their young, and our engineers' missiles may have landed in their homes once or twice, but the massacre they brought upon us was not one we deserved.

I remember... the astonishing outcome of the battle, the heroes who stood out from the crowds.

I remember... a fabulous Goblin's Tale!

Ëdgard Wördkëepër

Game Objective


Defend your village against terrible waves of angry Murlocs. Survive their annihilation in 12 difficult waves. Discover new tactics with your team. Learn how to use items and spells to increase your damages, and have fun in this epic adventure.

Gameplay Design



A Goblin's Tale is a Hero Defense / RPG hybrid that will feature a great deal of active teamwork. This is not merely just to say that it involves complementary class roles such as "Healer" or "Tank," like just about everything else does, but indeed the players' abilities will chain together effectively and intuitively and combine to create new and devastating combos, such as a Rogue using his Grappling Hook to pull a wayward murloc into an electric wall created by an Engineer, or a Berserker spreading an Alchemist's poison gas clouds with the wind force of his Blade storm. And that's just the start of the possibilities... skilled players will find it easy and intuitive to string together more advanced combos consisting of several moves from separate players in quick succession with devastating results far greater than the sum of their parts. Each of the abilities are carefully considered and possess a wide range of synergistic possibilities with the abilities of all the other classes.

Dynamic Enemis

The Murlocs of A Goblin's Tale are not merely hp bags of increasing size
with differing models, as is the unfortunate case with so very many Hero
Defense games. Instead, Murlocs will use a great variety of units, each
with their own array of special abilities and their own teamwork
that you will have to counter. Each new enemy type will not
simply be a bigger enemy with more hp or more attack damage... it will
add a new layer to the game's strategy!


General Information


The Team

Terrain = 0%
Items = 35%
Classes = 25%
Murloc Waves = 1%

Mr.Goblin= 2D art, terrain, Icons and textures
Mr.Goblin & Caedrus= Gameplay design
Caedrus & Gamecrafter_DK= Triggers (items/spells/Gameplay)
Mr.Goblin, Caedrus with help from Debode = Brainstorming and concepts
Pyramidhead, Cavman, Debode & T-Revellion-T= Modeling
Debode= Grammar correcter

Incoming Progress

Beta Release


-The terrain will be 100% remade.
-New items sold by the villagers.
-New hero spells revealed incoming.
-New Big Tim model incoming.
-New merchant revealed incoming


-6 Epic classes
-8 Friendly Merchants
-12 waves of dangerous Murloc's attacks
-Epic items and artifacts
-Merchant system.
-Lottery item system.
-Included funny story about the villagers.
-and many other things.



-Old Grammy-

Words of admirations and tenderness always come out when we are speaking of Old Grammy. Being the eldest goblin of the village and part of the group who found the village, her experience is always appreciated by everyone. Her occult powers and knowledge in potion-making has given her the reputation as the alchemist of the village. With her loving personality, she is always willing to help goblins in need. However, she will never give her knowledge for free. She can be found [...].

"Hah, lovely, finally someone I appreciate! Want to try my new potion? If you're brave enough that is!"

According to the other villagers, she’s married to Ol’Edgard the scribe of the village. Although, their relation is quite legendary in the village, these two bull headed goblins are always picking fights for arguing about silly facts and events, causing several commotions in the village. Although, no one really cares about these fights anymore since they are more than common.


-Nazzran WordKeeper-

The multi talented son of Old Grammy and Ol’Edgard. This respected goblins made out his reputation by himself, without the help of his parent’s background. A few years before being given control over the village, he managed to halt a dangerous Jungle Troll tribe that attempted to capture the village for its tactical position. With a few explosives, a small crew and a brilliant strategy, he killed every single troll one by one, taking advantage of them scattering. Nazzran was elected as the leader of the village following that courageous and outstanding act. Also, being the son of Ol’Edgard, the previous Chief, the leadership was handed to him reluctantly.

According to the other villagers, being the son of two legends and being a legend himself he’s the most trusted goblin in the village. Having also been raised by two geniuses in their own domains, he gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge which makes him the second reference for the villagers in questions. Friendly and handsome he made a lot of girls go crazy, even a few guys.

-Gamble, Gimpo, Zoko-

These three goblin brothers are the sons of Yzaf, the legendary Engineer, and Grettah, two of the members who founded the village. Sadly, both of them died due to a poorly calculated missile test. That day, ironically, when the explosion happened, the three were so amazed by the colours and the size of the fire that they almost forgot about their parent’s death. Since that day they discovered the beauty of engineering and decided to follow in their father’s footsteps. Unfortunately, with no parents at their side, they decided to stay together and build their own house by themselves. You can find this deadly troop on [...].

"What do you want? Boom? Splash? Bip…bip…KABOUM?!...Hehehe, we have all of those here!"

According to the other villagers, these three are highly appreciated because they are nice and friendly goblins and they are somehow the children of every villager, but because of their dream, hearing explosions during the night is quite common, which does rise some tension.


-Kawper Golddigger-

When Kawper was a young boy, he and his father found a shiny gem in a small hole Kawper dug in the ground outside the village. That's when Kawper found the inspiration to become a miner. With the help of the machinery of Gimpo, Gamble and Zoko, he is now working with the Deep Ground Mining Co. to dig a great underground mine under the village. It appears that the ground under the village is rich with minerals and valuable gems. These tunnels serves as both a mine and an underground passage through the village; that’s where you will find him.

"Wazzup mate! Hmm... Those brown rocks smell weeeird! And they're very... mushy... Whatever! Maybe you want to buy some of this stuff I found? "

According to the other villagers, the Golddigger family is renowned in the village. They moved to the village, following shortly after its foundation, from Undermine and since then have managed to establish a fine economy. Kawper's parents, as well, were quite respected members of the village community. Even if he’s dirty, unkempt appearance seems uninviting, Kawper is a free spirit and that’s why everyone loves him and doesn't really care about his look.


-Nina Golddigger-

Her brother and herself are very different but share the same admiration for anything that shines. While her brother decided to get dirty and play in the mud, she preferred to be organized and clean. She took part of the village economy as a banker, and she’s also a great member of the International Goblin Bank Association. Her love for shiny things began to develop the same day her brother found the gem that inspired him to become a miner. Having the same genes, they are now both working together on the mining project beneath the village. She’s also a great help for the rest of the villagers, since she’s the reasons why the three young goblin engineers gets subventions for their inventions. She can be found [...].

"International Goblin Bank Association employee Nina Golddigger. How may I help you today? "

According to the other villagers, Nina is quite known around the village for her great beauty and charms. That’s probably the main reason why Bobby Crazy Eye or Wako Ali have not yet managed to steal from the bank.


-Bobby Crazy Eye-

The story of Robert is quite outstanding; his parents were part of the group who founded the village, they were sailors and were the two who discovered this special place, where the village is now established. Bobby was born pretty much the same year as the three goblin engineers and the Golddigger children. Even though he enjoyed his childhood, his love for discovering the sea and new lands awakened with the two parents he had. When he got old enough, he left the village, and through a matter of circumstances became a pirate after meeting the wrong kind of people. His surname came from his high sense of direction on the sea, which made people think he could actually see the lands from that far. You can find him [...].

"Yarr, ye matey! Want to share some good ol’ rum with me?!

According to the other villagers, since he was young, he always had been a gentleman with the villagers of his hometown. He always loved the people there too, that’s why he keeps coming back there after each of his treasure seeking trips. Plus, every villager knows he had something particular for Nina Golddigger since he was a boy.


-Big Tim-

A big lovely massive and funny teddy bear, would be the best visual image someone could give you while describing Big Tim. Being a friendly and lovely being, Big Tim always believed he could achieve his dream of becoming the blacksmith of the village. Although his skills in blacksmithing seem omnipresent, his creativity will surely deliver! This Ogre can be found [...].

"Hey there, small friend, I made you a few hurting tools for adventures, because Timmy loves goblins like you!"

According to the other villagers, even if Big Tim seems always happy and willing to laugh, his mysterious past and the reasons concerning his arrival at the village is unknown by the other villagers, but it surely hides a really sad story concerning this massive blue creature. It might explain his massive quantity of love too.


-Wako Ali-

This strange goblin, by his words, came from the Southern village. He’s easily recognized by his height, his dirtiness and his massive black dress he wears, even during the day in this tropical country. He calls himself an adventurer but everybody knows he doesn’t have the spirit of one or the look of one. His story and his reasons why he came to the village is unknown, but it surely involves some degree of crime which might have ended as banishment from his homeland. If you seek him, he has some artifacts to sell you. You can find him [...].

"Psst! You, yes you! Come over here... I've got EXACTLY what you need.... Hehehe. "

According to the other villagers, the story of Wako Ali is very strange. He got involved and accepted by the other villagers by luck…apparently. He was there at the right place in the right moment, when people needed help concerning a lost treasure, he had stolen the night before, that villagers were looking for. He gave it back, lied about his past, got the reward and joined the village to establish his new home there. To this point, he appears to have not caused any trouble in the village, but from the outside it seems otherwise.


-Maliko Sharkbait-

This strange creature named Maliko, claims he is of a race called the Tuskarr. Maliko is from a far land to north which he described as being frozen and covered in snow and ice. The story of this friendly fellah is actually quite sad, someday while he was fishing, he got caught in a massive thunderstorm and got separated from his tribe and homeland, brought by the ocean current he survived and ended up here, next to your home village. He decided to establish his new home in the nearby forest. Seek him and he will gladly sell you some custom items from his homeland.

"Whollah Houp, mah green little friend, would you like to take a taste of my latest catch, or listen to some of my ancestors' legends?''

Though Maliko lacks the optimistic and hyper qualities of the goblins and he is difficult to understand, having such an unusual background, none would dare insult him or tell him to leave; he is as honoured and appreciated as much as any other villager.


-Other Characters-


Ricky is the Orphan of the village, while he was heading for the village with his parents to get established there, they got attacked by a group of forest trolls, his parents got killed by the trolls, but Ricky managed to run away and find refuge in a cavern. He was found by Kawper Golddigger a few days later: sick, hungry and tired. From that moment Kawper began to raise him.


Gilbert was a frog who was rescued by Bobby Crazy Eye when an eagle tried to eat him - Bobby was 5 years old at the time. Since then, Gilbert has been follwing Bobby everywhere. With time, he got used to being followed and adopted him.


She was given to Bobby Crazy Eye the day of his birth, and they've been together ever since. These two made a particular strong relationship between the master and his pet since then. Mom, might be seen just as Robert's ship at first sight, but she is also his best friend.



-Steam Warrior-


(1) Rocket Fist: The Steam Warrior launches his giant steel fist at enemies, damaging foes in a line and pushing them back a good distance. Possibly deals extra damage if you push an enemy into a wall. Useful for putting enemies right where you want them, as well as team efforts (for example, Rocket Fist can be used to move an Engineer's turret with its knockback effect)

(2) Pocket Shield: The Steam Warrior tosses a shield generator to a target ally providing a brief pulse of energy that makes them invulnerable for a few seconds before the battery shorts out. Useful for "bouncing aggro," moving enemies off of one target in order to attack another.

(3) Pulverize: The Steam Warrior leaps into the air and slams the ground with his giant metal hand of doom and squashes murlocs in a compact area (making them tiny and weak for a short time!). Additionally, this ability is useful for team combos, and the mighty impact will disperse ally effects for team combos (making them go out to a wider area). For example, the wind generated by the shockwave of Pulverize will blow an alchemist's poison clouds all over, affecting more

(Standard) Tenderizer: The Steam Warrior's heavy, blunt blows take their toll on an enemy, softening up heavily armored targets for the real DPSers. Each attack from the steam warrior has a chance to lower armor on a target enemy. Tenderizer can stack with itself.

(Ultimate) Electro-Grasp: Why punch murlocs when you can make the murlocs come to the punch? The Steam Warrior's fist employs powerful bioelectric magnets to cause all enemies within range to be pulled towards a big steel knuckle sandwich at frightening speeds, both pulling everything to the Steam Warrior and stunning them for a bit (and of course damage).


The Steam Warrior is a durable tank that is the master of battlefield control, able to put the enemy right where he wants them, control who they're attacking, break enemy channelers, and push and pull units around.

There is a great teamwork dynamic here. The Steam Warrior has to "prepare" the most heavily armored targets for his allies with Tenderizer, he can spread area effects with Pulverize, he can control aggro and save allies with Pocket Shield, he outright takes on
everything for a while with Electro-Grasp, and Rocket Fist can push enemies right into allied effects or push allied effects (like, say, a turret) into the range of new enemies. He doesn't do a lot of damage directly, but by protecting and supporting his allies he is an invaluable member of any team!



(1) Smoke Bomb: The Rogue throws a makeshift Smoke Grenade, causing a smoke screen to cover the targeted area. Enemy units inside the smoke screen are blinded, causing them to miss frequently on attacks. Goblins, on the other hand, use their sly nature to disappear in the confusion, becoming invisible for a few seconds if affected by the fog. As is so common with goblin creations, the Rogue isn't too careful with his ingredients, and the smoke is highly flammable.

(2) Fatal Strike: The Rogue employs his most deadly weapon, an extremely fast acting nerve toxin that dissolves after only a few moments of being exposed to air. After taking 2 seconds to carefully apply the deadly toxin to his dagger, the Rogue's next melee attack will deal a massive damage bonus, as well as dealing very high poison damage to the enemy over the next few seconds. The toxin fades if no attacks are made within 5 seconds.

(3) Grappling Hook: The Rogue grabs a target unit with his grappling hook and pulls it towards himself, dealing damage if it is an enemy unit. Can be useful for pulling things like turrets, or allies out of harms way, as well.

(Standard) Opportunist: The Rogue fights dirty, and is an expert at hitting an enemy while they're down. The Rogue's attacks will deal more bonus damage to enemies for each adverse status effect affecting them, such as Mini, Poisoned, Blinded, Bleeding, Sleeping, or Armor Cracked.

(Ultimate) Deadly Shadow: The Rogue becomes a living shadow of death, becoming temporarily invulnerable and moving to a target enemy and eviscerating them in a series of swift, vicious slashes dealing massive damage. If the enemy dies before the Rogue has done his full damage, he will move on to a new target and continue the attacks until the full damage is dealt.


The Rogue is an exceptionally fragile but deadly combatant who lurks around the periphery of a fight, darting in (or pulling enemies out) for swift elimination of vulnerable or high priority targets. He is not just a damage dealer, however, but also an effective controller, able to blind or reposition enemies, as well as help allies retreat or make them invisible.

There is a great teamwork dynamic here. For example, the Rogue could support and cover a tank with Smoke Bomb while enemies are being worn down, and have an Engineer ignite the smoke with a Napalm Flask for a finishing blow. With Fatal Strike, combined with abilities like the Alchemist's Super Serum or the Steam Warrior's Tenderizer, the Rogue eliminates priority targets in an instant with a powerful combo finisher. With Grappling Hook, the Rogue can pull enemies right through a Tesla Wall, only to have a Steam Warrior knock them back again with a Rocket Fist. With Opportunist, the Rogue maximizes the effectiveness of all of his ally's debuffs. Though fragile, with the greatest potential for single target damage in the game combined with useful battlefield control skills, the Rogue is a valuable asset for any team!



(1) Poison Gas: The alchemist tosses a flask filled with a thick, noxious concoction, which shatters upon the ground and spreads a heavy cloud of toxic gas which will debilitate any murlocs while they are in the area, lowering their armor and causing them to take damage over time. The
substance is kinda sticky on wet things, and flammable to boot (so your allies can light it on fire). Fortunately, goblinkind has built up something of a resistance to radioactive fallout and similar substances, and is not affected.

(2) Unstable Elixir: Move over 'tussin, windex, and chicken soup, there's a new miracle drug in town, and the Alchemist's got it! A dose of this on a target ally will not only fortify their immune systems and boost their armor briefly, it will heal mortal wounds! How does this work? It's a miracle drug, that's how! Further, if the Alchemist takes a moment to shake up his potion before throwing it, it will explode like a soda pop, splashing multiple allies in an area with its healing goodness!

(3) Mandragora: The alchemist injects a target murloc with a concoction that causes unwelcome changes inside of a victim murloc's body, destabilizing their genetic structure and slowing their move and attack speed. If the injected murloc dies within 15 seconds, the transmuted blood of the murloc will cause wild growth where it spills on the soil, raising an immobile, vicious plant monster that can entangle hapless enemies who wander near, or even devour weaker "minimized" enemies whole!

(Standard) Super Serum: The Alchemist injects a steroid-stuffed super serum into a target allied goblin, filling them with vigor and strength! For
a brief few seconds, all of their special abilities and attacks benefit from a damage multiplier. Great for team combos!

(Ultimate) Sandman: The Alchemist takes a handful of his specially prepared sleeping sand from his bag and blows it into the midst of the enemy, lulling into a sleep filled with vivid dreams.


The Alchemist is a capable healer and buffer who always needs to have an eye on his allies, removing status effects, restoring mana, healing hp, or boosting the damage of a critical move. With discretion and fine timing, the Alchemist not only makes his allies harder to kill, but significantly more deadly.

Important information


The map created by Windu ''Goblin Village Defense'' was made 4 months after Goblin's Tale thread publication. It is a great pleasure that this member got highly inspired by this project to make his. Windu is also the reason why I started to work back on Goblin's Tale. So please go take a look at his thread and folow him as well.

Also if you were wondering concerning the look alike project's this!might help you.

Everything model, icons and other material specialy made for Goblin's Tale, belongs to Goblin's Tale only, beside those ressources uploaded here (at the hive in the ressources sections). If you want any model or texture from Goblin's Tale, You shall contact me and you shall know, that I'm not giving anything before the BETA release.



GT Wallpaper.png


Linaze for the great triggers he made\will make
Debode For fixing the grammar of the text and ideas
Zeverens for his awesome ideas.
Cavman For his wako model, his Murloc King model, the edited oBs3rv3r goblin worker model, the goblin villagers, and the engineer model animations.
T-Revelion-T For the Alchemist Model!
Mr.Goblin:)D) for the terrain
Donut.3.5 for his awesome goblin buildings
Rizz_boomer for his epic goblin models
Iron_Ian for his great goblin merchant model.
acolyteofdoom for his goblin pirate model
Handclaw for his goblin thief model! (he's awesome :D)
oBs3rv3r For his goblin worker model!
[email protected] For his goblin engineer model,the cliffs models, and the gear models!
olofeman For his shark model!
Gamecrafter_DK For his triggers and his general help!
Caedrus BIG THANKS! For his ideas and triggers!
Hawkwing For helping me writing the lore!
Others... still have to find the others D:

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Apr 18, 2008
Okay goblin, here's the grammar fix you asked for...


The story takes place in a Goblin Village. The Goblins were happy and were having fun, but their jealous neighbors, the Murlocs, didn't love the Goblins for their technology and sociality... So one day, the Murlocs decided to attack the peaceful Goblin village, for they find the Goblin's music, dancing, and festivities annoying.

Game Objective:

You and your goblin friends have to hold the village standing against 12 intense waves of Murloc attacks. The villagers will also help you protect the village by giving you some nice items, armors and weapons - for a price, of course...

The Villagers:

"Old Grammy"

"Old Grammy" is the the eldest goblin in the Village. She is an old goblin lady that is able to create alchemical potions, and have managed to collect quite some magical artifacts in her time. Old Grammy is willing to sell those magical goodies to make a living - perhaps those could prove useful in the battle against the Murlocs...

"Big" Tim

"Big" Tim is a friendly ogre that came to the village for unknown reasons. He has some good jokes in his mind, and will surely will make you laugh! Tim is also known as the blacksmith of the village, and he could sell you some of his excellent armor and weapons.

Wako Ali

Wako Ali, by his words, comes from the southern Goblin Village. Everybody calls him Wako, because he's "a bit" weird and sometimes creepy with his behaviour. Nobody knows how he got them, but he has some items to sell from all over the world, *cough* black market...*cough..COUGH!*

Bobby "Crazy Eye"

ARR, Bobby be yer trusty Goblin pirate of the village! His booty is full of looted wares from all over the Great Sea, and he will gladly share it with ye mateys, for a fair share of golden coins! Arr... The only problem with him be that this matey is always late...

Gimpo, Gamble and Zoko

Gimpo, Gamble and Zoko are 3 brothers, sons of the legendary engineer Yzaf. After Yzaf died, the brothers took his job! So now, they are the engineers of the village, so if you want things to go BOOM, just ask them!!

More coming soon...


The Classes:

Alchemist: Boom...! KABOOM! Pow...! ...Yea, umm, this is mostly what this class is going to do, using his highly-explosive potions.

Spells - Coming soon!


Berserker: Most of their enemies laugh at those small goblins when they charge with a yell at them, until they see them go berserk and destroy a whole army... All by themselves... In their sleep! Scary, eh?

Spells - Coming soon!


Thief: They sneak, they prowl, they backstab... Those guys are hated by the rest of the goblinkind because... they are thieves! And thieves steal stuff, MOUHAHAhahahah...!

Spells - Coming soon!


Samurai = Yes, apparently, some goblins decide to walk the path of a samurai... Tutored by the orcish blademasters, those little killing machines will kill with a single slice all those who silently giggle in front of them... "BANKAÏ!" is their favorite warcry! Now that's enough for picking those deadly warriors :D

Spells - Coming soon!


Engineer: Those engineers are not your average, everyday kind of pyromaniacs... They are EXPLOSIVE-RADIOACTIVE-MAGMA-PYROMANICAS! In other words... They eat TNT for their lunch...! D:

Spells - Coming soon!



Terrain = 10%
Items = 0%
Classes = 1%
Murloc Waves = 1%


Linaze for the great triggers he made\will make
Mr.Goblin:)D) for the terrain
Donut.3.5 for his awesome goblin buildings
Rizz_boomer for his epic goblin models
Gooi for his Goblin Samurai
Iron_Ian for his great goblin merchant model (yet it has big filesize D:)
acolyteofdoom for his goblin pirate model
Afronight_76 for his goblin brute model
Handclaw for his goblin thief model! (he's awesome :D)
incoming for some models

I yet have to search for extra Goblin models D:
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Nov 4, 2008
Wow. Kudos to you, Mr. Goblin. But Murlocs? Can't you find a better opponent for your beloved Goblins? Murlocs will only waste TNT!
Good news! the terrain is almost finish, just have to finalyze the village and some part, and it will be done..

it's 80% done now :D cheers!

see it by yourself! There's NEW SCREENSHOTS!

... not like i did that before D:.. lol i have downloaded at least 10 models.. and 3 of thems are goblin model :D check the credit D:
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goblin trap bot that i was talking about
anyways, i got an idea for a spell or an item you could do. you could sommon a mechanical critter. but he is made so shoddy, he is likely to explode. you send him into a middle of a murloc crowd, the critter explodes does a small area damage and sends gears flying everywhere which deals damage. much like fan of knives but instead with flying gears
ah dude.. i already had a spell like that..

here's a short description

Description = The Engineers summons a deadly toy! an auto-teleguided explosion atomic car! Nice toy hum?!, control this lovely toy into the murloc and press the little red buttom!, You will see That , Jack in a Box is cooler than it appears!
Oky, good news again!

THE TERRAIN IS FINISHED! I added new screenshots also, and these are the last screenshots you will see :D

also, i made a skin for ''BIG TIM'' he's now a blue colored happy ogre..

Also, The Alchimist model is almost done, Thanks Alot for T-Revellion-T for his patiance..

We now have a Model for ''Wako Ali'' thanks Cavman! for always behing there for my request! :D

I will start the Items tomorow, and hopefully the icons that goes with them! :D

Tomorow I will also make each icon for the 5 classes! :D

so what Should be done for tomorow is

-The items
-The Icons for the 5 heros
-The Icons for some of the items..

good night! it's 3 am here D:
In your screenies: Big Tim Image. He hasnt your blacksmith skin. Why? D:
Btw, I like this project. Hope you finish it someday. x3

because it is an old screenshot :D, i just added the skin after taking it!


She could be a grand-ma if you want to :D but i haven't gone that far into the marchent's storys... but that's an awesome idea btw :D
So... Mr.Goblin, have you read the online webcomic 'goblin'? i have and it's great! for all you goblin lovers: (... you know...) http://goblins.keenspot.com/d/20050626.html That's the first comic, it gets in colour later on, but stick in there! it's great for RPG & D&D fans!

Ofc, i'll ALWAYS help you, if you need anything! a murloc wave or 5.... i can handle that ;)
thanks alot Billy the cat, but i wont use it.. and all the models for the map have been selected or are being done by modelers.. check the credit! :D

also, people are complaining about the goblin berserk's choice, but i'm telling you this I WONT CHANGE IT! because i have something really special for him..
yeah i did, it,s nice but it doesn't fith with my ideas... i want you to understand i'm showing you an other version of the warcraft3 goblins, the villager aspect of it, because it is stupid that we can state that ALL goblins are engineers, with only 4 warcraft3 units.. no?

so yeah, think of it , like my adadptation of the warcraft3 goblins in Mr.Goblin's mind :D
I know that the comic isn't anything you're trying to replicate, BUT it sets you in the mood for your map, i think.

Okay. ... I was just pointin' out an opportunity, but yeah, it was a bit offtopic. sorry. Well! just 1 thing! if it's murlocs that attack, they have the type 'murloc nightcrawler' that have invisibilty or alike. are you going to use that in the murloc waves? like, copying the akama passive wind walk and giving them to one type of murlocs, and they can only be seen when they attack, or when you drink Grammys' potion.? ... that was both a question AND a suggestion :D
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yeah.. but since there's only 12 level.. i can't make too much sneaking levels..

let's say, the first 3 levels i can't touch, cause they player are too weak, there's already 4 Boss Plainned.. for each act

-=Act 1=-
(3 normal level)
1 boss

-=Act 2=-
(3 normal level)
1 bos

-=Act 3=-
(3 normal Level)
Final boss

so yeah, maybe 2 invisible level D:
Level 48
Apr 18, 2008
Goblin, do it like that(kinda):

Wave 1:

Murloc Villager

Wave 2:

More Murloc Villager
Murloc Militia(lol)

Wave 3:

Lots of Murloc Villager
More Murloc Militia
Murloc Footman


Like 5 footman
1 Murloc Paladin(boss)(lol...)

Act 2 wave 1:

TONS of murloc villagers
Lots of murlos militia
More murloc footmen
Murloc siege tank

etc... You got my point? Like, don't do it kinda like that:

Wave 1:

Murloc Villagers

Wave 2:

Murloc Militia

Wave 3:

Murloc Footmen

Because it really sucks. The other way is better.
thanks alot Debode but i already have my clear ideas..

Don't worry i was already planning on it.. to make more than 1 type of unit, i only said the level, and not the units right? :p

so don,t worry! :D

smile! and i got a ride to go to my cottage later, so i still have 2 days left here `D
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Nov 4, 2008
The Berserker
Seismic Fury [ACTIVE]
The Berserker slams his pickaxe into the mighty earth, sending a force of violent earth in a target line that uproots targets away from the line and deals xxx damage.

Angerstrike [ACTIVE]
The Berserker strikes a target with such anger that the targets next to it are also struck for xx% more damage than the Berserker's initial damage.

On The Warpath [PASSIVE]
The Berserker is given a xx% of entering a frenzy that increases his attack speed by xx% each time he uses an ability.
On the warpath - Very simple to trigger :p but it's a great idea. i found out a way to make triggered abilities autocast (on attack only, though.) And i'm using it alot. Just for everyones' record, i HAVE offered my help over a private chat with Mr.Goblin. So now it's... 'official'

One last berserker's spell:

CHARGE (or alike) [Active]
You know, either the WoW one, where it's singletarget, and the berserker runs to him, or the more WCIII-y where the hero actually just follows a shockwave. I can make both. I think there's a replica of the charge spell in the gaulish wars map, but it's heavily outdated, and you've said to me, that you don't want people to go where they're not allowed, so i'm guessing that you should ignore this whole thing, starting from 'or the more WCIII-y...' 'kay?

Nothing says 'berserker' like a charge!
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Nov 17, 2008
Awesome project Mr.Goblin!
However murlocs are strange...

The village you made looks really goblinish.
I would even think that its the city of Edj on isle of Kezan.

But I know that the enemies of the goblins are the naga, pirates(ironic isnt it?)and trolls.
They sure did, but this map is made in WC III (3), and THERE they don't exist. About the tauren and NE, tauren are only represented by 2 units in WCIII, and they don't have any quarrel with cutting trees, at all. what's the regular tauren using for weapon? And NE, They again, do use wisps to harvest lumber, but force of nature, war club and other wood-exploit abilities, makes me go; "well, they're not fanatics, obviously". And, i'm pretty sure, that they would seem SO off... 'goblins vs elves'... i see NO reason why Murloc isn't good enough. Besides that, i'm pretty sure that there is no 'goblin lumberjack' listed on the 'roles list' And there isn't even any shredders! The map would have to be drastically changed to fit NE as enemies. Murloc, on the other hand, tend to be destructive, for the sake of destruction, if you've played the custom campaign by Blizz, you know that.
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Apr 18, 2008
Whatever. I like lore, you like other stuff. Now, I've noticed the waves. Now THAT'S the kind of thing I mean that is quite bad. "Wave 1: Murloc Villagers", "Wave 2: Murloc Hunters"? Dude... Like someone said before me, those TDs are not realistic, and, to be honest, they quite suck. Stick with our idea - trust me, it will look better. Btw, when you'll get back from your vacation, contact me through MSN, I need to talk to you about something... (also, I'm done with the model you requested)
... I like lore more than the most, you obviously didn't read what i wrote, i used lore references, although i also doubt how 'official' the custom blizz mission is. Also, 'murloc villagers' :D yeah, I think it's stretching it a bit much (why should simple villagers attack :S?), and, I think I was the one who mentioned the mixed levels for reality ;P
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