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Goblin Steamboat

Ahoy boys and girls.

Figured I'd share another lovely little boat with you all. Apologies for the large filesize and polycount.
However, there's no custom textures involved so importing it should be easy for you all.

There's two versions in this, so to speak. The alternate animation set changes the pantflag into a pirate flag.

I did the mesh and particles and whatnot.
Kellym0 did the animations.


Edit: Fixed bugs, optimized the model and changed the design of the captain of the boat.
Edit x2: Remember kids, don't optimize your models haphazardly to save space, you will have a bad time. Fixed the flamethrower that resulted from the last optimization.

Boat, Steam, Steamboat, Pirate, Pirateship, Goblin

Goblin Steamboat (Model)

07:54, 21st Jul 2015 Misha: good model, good.. it functions and burns nicely as a mechanical unit. but i did find some things that could be addressed... Okay, both attack anims should be set to not loop. It should have normal and alternate...
Awaiting update requested by author.
A really nice looking boat. And works just fine in-game. Filesize might be big, but it's worth it. I'd just tell you to set the portrait to the little goblin in it, instead of showing a front view of the boat. Having the guy modeled with such detail...




07:54, 21st Jul 2015

good model, good.. it functions and burns nicely as a mechanical unit. but i did find some things that could be addressed...

Okay, both attack anims should be set to not loop. It should have normal and alternate portrait animations, so it's properly seen in either mode. It also needs both morphing animations, as it awkwardly stays in the normal mode until i move it..(instead of alternate) simple raising and lowering of flags should be good. It's 'weapon' attachment is somewhat oddly positioned, floating in front of the boat instead on the gun barrel. I also had a few problems selecting the boat when i used 'avatar' (to show the alternate animset) and deselected the boat, this could be looked into.. it was just a few times, but I did have to select it via hero icon.

23:58, 21st Jul 2015

Alternate animation set still loops.
wewt dat redonk-ulasly high poly model is released. looks good, still think you should of cleaned it up a bit though.

''Amazing!, nicely done with the mesh, and those textures :eek:
Though, the goblin seems to be lacking fluid animations, it looks like some sort of a bot, but that's just fine, seems little noticeable :D''

yea, it was getting so massive on file size, I didn't want to add bones for the arms and legs and head, so its just one bone for the goblin, only moves on death.
Level 10
Jun 27, 2010
Is that based off the WoW Goblin steamboats? Wow! It looks fucking amazing!

5/5 +rep

EDIT: Why isn't this in Top 20/Recommended yet?
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Arena Moderator
Level 44
Jul 29, 2008

I have a real problem when people start assuming that just because they staple some tech onto some stuff, they can make "Goblin" stuff. But Goblins are oh so much more than that; primarily, they are the essence of "haphazard construction", of crooked pipes and dongly bits and asymmetry out the wazoo.

So this ship is just solid-awexome, to me. Sure, the gun texture is a little weird, the pilot could use more animations, the filesize is a bit big, etc etc... But I just really like this. Just really screams "GOBLIN" to me.

A "self-destruct" animation would be killer. xD Love the Pirate flag.
Level 26
Jun 5, 2008
Well, I still have to fix the issue regarding selecting it. Apparently in its alternate animations it tends to be hard to select by clicking it.. and attachment points not being clearly defined.

Minor details. Never got into fixing it. Will have to fix it one of these days.
It was sent to needs fix in the past and was then grouped in here when the transition happened.
Level 48
Jan 20, 2010
there are some parts that could've been improved in terms of UV mapping, the upper part of the metal section in front of the ship, the propellers, the long wooden pole has a shadow at the middle section which looks pretty out of place. the attack particles, shouldn't really follow the cannon when it reels back, rather make it just explode at one point.