German Tank Pack

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"Pride of the Fatherland!"

- A7V (WWI Tank)
- Ehrhardt (WWI Armoured Car)
- Panzer III-IV (WWII Tank)
- Tiger I (Heavy Tank)
- Wespe (Artillery)
- Sd.kfz. 222 (WWII Armoured Car)

Co-Author SonsOfSami

This pack uses an omni-skin, meaning you only have to import it once in order to use every tank in the pack.

- Fixed sounds
- Merged Ehrhardt Armoured Car
- Fixed Flickering Iron Cross
- Wespe Added
- A7V Updated
- Pack updated by SonsOfSami
- Sd.Kfz 222 Added
- Fixed the TC number "4" on the left of the Tiger I's turret from flickering/clipping.
- Removed unused bones and particles in the Wespe

Keywords: Panzer, World, War, II, WWII, Tank, Mechanical, Mechanized, Armor, Armour, Armored, Armoured, Warfare, Tiger, Panzer, A7V, Sturmpanzerwagen,

A7V (Model)

Ehrhardt AC (Model)

Panzer (Model)

Sd.Kfz 222 (Model)

Tiger (Model)

Wespe (Model)

General Frank
Nice tank models and go well with the other ones you made. Good job.
Level 2
Oct 5, 2013
The models are really nice, especially the A7V's high quality model.

Any plans about creating a model of the french Char 2C aka. Super Heavy Tank?