First Hero You Ever Played With

Level 10
Apr 18, 2009
Orcnet said:
when people kill kardel while player is a noob, extreme trash talk and shots gets fired all over the place.

I feel it like my sense of humour just got brutally ganked. No missing call was involved. Report this guy pls ty.
Level 22
Sep 24, 2005
Not only when you die though; I remember one game where I bought eul's scepter so I could spam snipe and work as support for my team, then this guy complained like it was the end of the world. "OMG, look at this noob! just look at his fucking items guys!"

Good thing though, the other guys on my team was satisfied with how I played because I always let them kill heroes and support pushes. It ended with the complainant leaving lol.

In dota 1 public games, everyone that doesn't follow the build on the forums is a noob, you can't even enjoy the game anymore because there was this fucking standard build you had to fucking comply to.
Level 4
Oct 12, 2014
I supported with jakiro, and I still love to play support. Lich was first hero I was good with.