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  • so I see you checked the triggers I made for you, if I may ask what map are you working on? :D
    Ujimasa has made made a pack of them u can download them at ujimasa resource discussion
    What do you mean? The default Corrupted ones do not turn? Sorry, I forgot, it was long ago when I worked on a project - and even farther longer ago (if ever) one that included Corrupted Ancients.
    there are some tutorials here and there about AI editor, I remember one i saw years ago.

    but to be honest, I think AI editor is pretty straight forward. I think you can learn it with the sample AI's they put in warcraft directory"AI scripts" . There is grunt master and wyrmonger AI's as sample. If you just open them and test the AI and see how it works and compare how it is coded, I think you'll be good to go. Thats how I actually learned the AI editor :D
    and you plan to do AI with the AI editor or some other way? and how familiar are you witht the AI eiditor anyway?
    Yes yes. I didn't mean what's spell. I meant what is the whole. What's the idea behind it and when will you upload it?
    alright. thanks for that!

    anyway, you havent told us yet about your high elf map? in which you used the sunray spell?
    hey jak, if you plan to update the sunray target and caster, dont delete the order versions please [for you and for me :) ]
    Of course, but it will use up alot of space so u need to compressed most models if u can using model optimizer in tools or use more ingame stuff. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECTS.
    Its kinda kind of duplicate from warcraft model, but it still works better and is useful i think.

    did you try ask the staff in the staff contact forum?

    not sure if its the right place but i think so
    oh I see. the recolor I did is only in object editor maybe thats why its not

    Edit: I think I saw some taken down resource you made ...
    No problem (you should reply at people's profiles, they will get nptified).

    Would you like to join a Dota Player Social Group?
    Hello, how are you Super Jakira :D

    BTW, in that response to Mythic, you replied to your own profile. This means it's only there for everyone to see but Mythic would not receive a notification if you did not send it to his profile.
    Welcome to Hive SJ!

    Parang alam ko kung sino ang paborito mong hero sa DOTA ah. xD
    I'm sorry, but there is already an icon for the Corrupted Ancient of War. Plus, you made a Corrupted Ancient of Wind icon, but you provided no icon, because it would be not useful enough without a model with it. I'm afraid they're going to get rejected.
    Welcome to the Hive SuperJakiro!
    I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    Feel free to go to the Introductions thread in Off-Topic to introduce yourself to the community.
    If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me. I'm no admin, but don't be afraid to send me a Visitor Message about anything.
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