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  • Bnet i ENT.. zavisi od gejma, ako igras L:TA to ugl subotom i nedeljom ima gejm preko ENT :)
    Na kom si faxu? Pa ako igras L:TA dodji na nas sajt.. ima nas par tamo :D ja ugl to i gotivim Roberts Rebellion u poslednje vreme iz war3

    Can you check it and tell me how my campaign is so far? Its lacking a lot though and is a WIP Suggestions are more than welcome !

    Type "-Z" to get a full list of In game commands
    Type "-heroguide" for a heroguide
    Type "-move" to select movement system (WIP)
    Type "-lvlup" to level up +1 (will be deleted lateron after testing.)
    Type "hm" to restore life and mana full(will be deleted lateron after testing.)

    Tips :

    use stats points whenver you gain levels or the points.

    interact with random people can also give rewards !

    Suggestions are more than welcome ! Also critiscm is required.
    Yes saptarshi means great bear and that is what the constellation resembles. :)
    -Looks like u are good with terrains. Can u help me with some tips on a settlement of people in
    the barrens?
    In fact I remember that once i read that only two heroes that aren't based on something are ursa and venge.
    U wrote this in a thread in the DotA 2 social group... Actually I want to inform you that the name "ursa" has been taken from a constellation in the night sky known as Ursa major or Saptarshi (in our language)
    Hi wanna participate in a small Dota 2 Tournament? This tournament is for people from Hive, not needed to be in a Dota 2 Group. Current goal is 16 players. Be sure to PM me if u are interested in playing.(Need time Zone too and Steam Account)
    The tournament is single elimination till the champion is risen.

    Have a nice day, mogulkhan1Axe.
    Welcome to the hive!if you need help with anything,ask me. Ill even help you with your campaign if you want.
    Welcome to the Hive Dr. E!
    I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    Feel free to create a thread in the Introductions subforum in the Off-Topic forum to introduce yourself to the community.
    If there is anything you need, feel free to contact me via Visitor Messages. I hope I'll be able to help you!
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