Fel/Shadow Shivarra

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*****************Fel Shivarra Based off New WoW 7.3 Shivarra*****************
*****************100% In game textures and fully team colored*****************
*****************Enjoy it :) *****************

Update 1
- Fixed some missing attachment points
- Added a Shadow variation

Update 2
- Added collition shapes

Fel Shivarra (Model)

ShadowShivarra (Model)

General Frank
A very good looking model with adapted WOW animations. Wrapping is excellent. Works in-game and performs adequately.
Level 6
Mar 16, 2013
yep, hive now belongs to legion bcoz of this awesome dude! bring em all in haha!
i hope you do the racial leaders soon too, great job sir!
Level 2
Jan 6, 2017
that model need my comment. I know.
It's very impressive (copapaste :p)
Srsly it's extraordinary nice the WOW! :D
Level 36
Dec 8, 2008
Review: Really nice execution of ingame textures. A few things lacking though:

- Attachment points missing, generally chest, head, feet as well as weapons. Also the hand attachment points are all named the same on each side, please fix that. Also, there are only 4 hand attachment points for a total of 6 hands.

Works well ingame otherwise. Until fixes: Awaiting Update.
Level 6
Mar 10, 2014
I haven't downloaded this model yet, possibly I will, because of you (and others) there is a variety of felguards to chose from and other demons. Making it easier to make a burning legion race. As the demon's of the burning legion contains from small imps to a large dark titan, the amount of spellcasters are many, as imps can be summoned like the necromancers do (without spawning it from a corpse). As for the shivarra I want to say you have made really good models so "faar" as in, you are probably gonna make more models. If you could or have thought about, the eredar which you have made are good examples but those Eradar Vanguard like on Argus would look really nice in combination with your eredar sorceress. I don't know if you do just "like" to make models but it seems like it ;). As for legion buildings with fel theme, it is the fel version as Hive of the demon portal in warcraft 3, but in Wow we do have some that are unic to any buildings in warcraft 3 I would say, can't think of anything that looks like them in shape, except the number 4 right on the picture. Done with my ideas for what you can make, im sure you have enough to make from before. But for what you have made its very VERY GOOD, your models doesn't go too much to WoW "quality" , what I meant by that is, as it does not look weird ingame warcraft 3. So either you have been working on being really good at modelling for a long time or you have been dedicated. Keep on the good work :D


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Level 1
May 15, 2020
Guys I just saw an ad from a stupid "MOBA" called Mobile Legends.

I swear to God one of the characters I saw from there was ODDLY similar to this model...

(sorry for the quality)


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