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Enfo's TS: DYMO Edition (Again :P)

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Well, it didn't work very well last time I threw it out here, but I'm trying again, this time with major improvements.
At least have the decency to check it out! :wink:
Feedback is appreciated. Greatly. :smile:

  • The wood system has been cut out, to be replaced with a recipe system.
  • Added two new heroes:
    1. The Kensai: Agility hero with fast attack speed and some devastating damage abilities.
    2. The Forest Maiden: Fast attacking ranged combat hero. Has mostly damage spells.
  • Massive changes to the scoreboard.
  • Changed wood and food to keep track of your lives and kills.

EDIT 2: Some minor bugfixes (Rematch should work, you should get XP from level 3 and the like, some minor balancing, replaced "Blood Dance" for Kensai)
EDIT 1: Added some screenshots of the map.


  • Enfo's TS DYMO Edition - 1.01.w3x
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  • SCR1.JPG
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  • SCR2.JPG
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  • SCR3.JPG
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  • SCR4.JPG
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  • SCR5.JPG
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  • SCR6.JPG
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  • Enfo's TS DYMO Edition - 1.02.w3x
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I would like to see a balance mod. Something that checks the strengh of the hero (not the strengh as attribute, but as the power) and then makes the unit as good as the hero is.

Edit: Also add something special to your terrain, like weather, random events or just a beautiful terrain.
Additionally I would like to see a better balance of the items, which were far to diffrent from each other in the strengh.
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Level 13
May 11, 2008
sounds cool, it will be interesting to check it out

edit: ok it seems like the rematch system isn't working.
you get your shades but then you can't select any of the heroes.
also i noticed that the heroes didn't seem to get experience sometimes. i'm guessing that's why the map is so hard...like for example i think on round five or something like that you're at level 4 and you can kill like 10 or 20 creeps and not get ANY experience...it's kinda weird...other than that it's cool. i actually thought of the idea of putting a second set of shops further up too. so i approve of that, for sure.
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Level 12
Oct 18, 2008
I remember playing Enfo's TS when I was younger and I always did enjoy playing it till it stopped.

Anyway, its a good start in my opinion, for a map. I tested the Kensai (By the way, if you're using the Japanese term, its spelt Kensei, and it means sword saint and you might want to give it a model with a sword rather than an axe) and its abilities seemed fine in my opinion, although it was only a quick test.
Thanks fo replying ^^
I'm not aiming for the japanese term, but for the class used in "Baldur's Gate II". There it's spelled "Kensai". Although, I would agree that a sword would be more fitting... But because of the ulti-ability where morphing occur, the model of Grom was the most fitting. There aren't alot of models with the capabilities to morph... It would have to be a custom model for that...

EDIT: Well, I've now created another version, 1.03. It's not very different, just some minor balance fixes and such. You can find it here, and possivle:)P) here.
Hope you like it ;)
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