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Enfo's TS: DYMO Edition

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I've made a modified version of the very popular map; Enfo's Team Survival. I've added som improvements, fixed alot of the tooltips, removed some of the superfluous heroes and modified the items.

Please do remember that this is a BETA. It's only supposed to show me what can be improved and if there's some bugs/faulty tooltips and alike.
One thing I'm trying to do is removing the entire Wood-system. Therefore "The Bazaar" and "The Bank" is faulty and not operationable.

West Side Lives:100Mode:Training
East Side Lives:100Difficulty:Easy

West Side Lives:100Mode:Training
East Side Lives:100Difficulty:Easy

NOTE: Balance has not been the primary concern so far. That will come in later editions when all the things that affect balance have been completed.

Please give feedback, in any form :wink:


  • Enfo's TS DYMO Edition - 1.00.w3x
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Aug 4, 2008
I think if you want feedback you need to do more then just modify an existing map with minor changes like this... correct me if I'm wrong but so far you have altered items, fixed spelling and removed heroes? imo that's not enough difference to be taken seriously, especially since enfo's ts has recently been updated.

... oh and the one greatly useful idea you have had, the bank, isn't working? Without testing the map I can tell you right away... make that a priority, it's a good idea.

What is the bazaar? Is it a random item shop like final fantasy? I think it's something you should explain and get working as well, it could prove interesting if it is what I think it is.

Instead of just removing heroes you should re-balance them or at least replace them with something similar or completely new. Adding new heroes or fixing old ones is a plus, but removing them all together isn't such a great idea.... they could be someones favorite hero and the only reason for playing enfos.

Anyhow, get the bazaar and bank systems working and you'll have something worth actually testing. Oh and bumps on the hive are 48 hours (ghey I know) so just remember that from now on because for some queer reason people take pre-bumping personally.
Ah, it was 48 hours, yeah... Thought it was 24 :p

Well, first of: Thanks for replying! :D
Concerning your concern for little changes, please note that this is a BETA.

My reason for removing heroes is solely to be able to add more later on, in new versions. You see, the dude that edited the map I have modeified didn't really give a damn what he did. He fucked up tooltips and modified some of the classic heroes to his own spesifications which was, quite frankly, crappy. Therefore I had to delete a lot of the heroes in the map. Luckily, he didn't delete their abilities, so I was able to restore Warrior Mage, Thief and will restore Barak and Cleric later on.

Items are my primary concern at the moment, so "The Bazaar"(In mye current version on my comp. "Auction House") and "Exchange Bank"(Currently called "Artifact Shop") are not done yet. I've fixed up the Armor Shop, the Weapon Shop, the Potion Shop and the Tome Shop. The onlmy regular shop that remains is the one with rings. And I'm getting to it.

I recently installed an Item-Recipe system into the map(not updated the map in thread yet). The recipies are at "The Auction House/The Bazaar" and there will be different kinds of artifacts to use with item recipies in "The Artifact Shop". Currently I only have 3 item recipies:
"Blade of Ferocity, Requires Celestial Fury and Tvial Fury."
"Destroyer, Requires Gleaming Longsword, Polished Elven Talo, Bloodthirst and Spineripper."
"Eliminator, Requires Destroyer and Holy Segment(From The Artifact Shop)."

I will upload the new version of the map as soon as I come home, so that maybe someone will test the item recipies and such =P
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