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Elder Scrolls Huge Mod Campaign using Warcraft 3 Engine

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Jan 3, 2017
Hello Everyone!!

I'm Medieval, I'm from Chile South America, I understand English very well, I'm a moder and fan creator, mostly related to Elder Scrolls

So about me, I'm member of Tamriel Vault, I write stories, create fan art and even mods for Elder Scrolls games, I like a lot Elder Scrolls lore and I love reading all about it, This is my TamrielVault profile: I'm Medieval there: TamrielVault - Member Profile - Medieval , I'm creating a huge project there, something related to a Faction I created: TamrielVault - Blog View - My Project: The Dark Legion Cult, This is my Nexus profile: I'm Maredark3d there: Skyrim Nexus - mods and community

I started to create a map and campaign using World Editor of course,

So what is this project about, I'm going to put the abstract and I will upload this topic meanwhile I work on the project

This project is based on a story I'm creating, In abstract:

An Imperial from the Imperial City on Cyrodiil, at the ages of sixteen ran way from it due the city was being devastated by a group of Necromancers who took advantage from the decaying capitol, this Imperial what I'm call Septimus Darkforges lost his house and his family, he ran to Morrowind to Seyda Neen and start his life as a Merchant then he created a Organization, a group of Merchants, it was named The Merchant Guild of Cyrodiil. On his hearth he wished wouldn't lost anything, and had a deep feeling to stay strong on this world the most he can, than make him to start to think and look for immortality, he started to learn about Necromancy and Daedra Worship. He was contacted by a Xivilai Lord Named Lord Marduk, and his underlings Dremoras, they started to teaching him all about Immortality, Necromancy and Daedra Worship. Due to his Merchant guild he become wealthy and influential, even powerful. He went back to Cyrodiil on his twenties, before leaving he created a special "elite" group inside his own Merchant Guild, they firstly was named the Members of The Void and then he decided to create a Guild inside that Guild just for special members and The Dark Legion Cult was born.

To have an idea about what I want to create, will be all about conflicts, the factions what will be involved are the following:

- The Dark Legion Cult (and The Merchant Guild of Cyrodiil):

This faction is a force serving the Emperor and is used just on critical situations, they are Necromancers, Daedra Worshipers, Master Blacksmiths, Strategists and Punisher of the Weaks

For the following Factions I will take inspiration about by Elder Scrolls it self and also by this mod of the game Medieval II Total War, named The Elder Scrolls Total War: The Elder Scrolls: Total War mod

- The Imperial Legion, all units from Imperial Legion ranks and more,
- The Aldmeri Domain
- The Stormcloaks
- The Knights of the Righteous Path: A Paladin Faction mostly conformed by Nord racist, they will punish and destroy any vil being such as Undeads and Daedra Worshippers

There is also a new Daedric Realm, a new entire world inhabited by The Dark Legion it self, the world is named Void of Immortal Terrae and is need to be filled with the energy of souls, using soulgems, there is an activity named Soul Harvest what is the process of collecting souls and retrieve them to The Dark Legion as supply.

This it, I'm going to update this topic, meanwhile I work on my project, I'm going to upload everything about, factions, units, the maps, what resources I will use, art, system schemes, three concepts, etc

Feel free to contact me by any of the ways I put on the beginning :)
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