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Dundredian Hall of Legends

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Shar Dundred

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May 6, 2009
This thread is being created and maintained in cooperation with @Ralle.
It serves to give some spotlight to both old and new treasures in the Map Section.

I will review maps and also post the maps and their respective reviews here to "advertise" them,
giving them some spotlight.
I will review more maps/campaigns than "just" the ones I am linking here, but this will be the place of the special gems that I want to show even more.

Since I am a huge fan of campaigns and have played most if not all custom WarCraft III campaigns on the Hive Workshop, I already have several projects in mind that I want to portray here.
You can expect one review per week as long as I have material for this thread.

Let's begin:

1) Mathias Part I - The Pursuit
The first part of the Mathias Chronicles, the introduction to a nice series that is extremely old, created during the early days of Reign of Chaos.
In my opinion, it is the weakest part of the series, but still has some nice campaigns and it is kinda mandatory if you want to play the whole series. It does not take much time either.

1) Mathias Part II - Return of the King and Mathias Part II - Aftermath
The second part of the Mathias Chronicles, telling about the events of what happens in Lordaeron during the invasion of the Burning Legion (ofc it is not in line with The Frozen Throne since it had been created before the expansion was released)
I liked both of them, they are much better than the first part, though the latter should just have been included in the former and some missions felt like filler.
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Apr 20, 2014
May I recommand you "Exodus"?
Not as old as the others (8 years old though) but I loved it (even with its cinematic bug :/).
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