Warcraft maps hall of fame

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Jan 26, 2012
********the purpose of thread is to help find cool maps that where forgotten.I realize the website has a "sorting" feature*****
********I will count the votes one week from this day,thank you for reading*******
After playing "The devil made me do it" map that's at least 6-7 years old I got the idea for this thread.A lot of great maps are buried and forgotten and the community is getting smaller each day.
So here's what I propose,let's make this thread the hall of fame of W3 maps.If you help out this list will come in handy for beginners and more serious players alike.

1)rate maps from 5 to 1 in the specific category.5 being best 1 being worst(but still worth playing).You need at least one entry
2)In case you have more maps,make more lists
3)If you really like the map,you can write a short summary about it and I will include it here.
4)Once a week I will count all the votes
5)If you don't remember the name,try to describe it here,maybe someone will know it.

(I will edit the lists based on the votes,so the most popular genres will be on top)
Categories:Single player
*Traditional(like the W3 campaigns)
*RPG/dungeon crawler

*traditional custom races
*Dungeon crawler
*Tower defense
*AOS(like dota)
*Spawn based strategy / Conquest Strategy

***this is still under construction***
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Jan 26, 2012
Categories:Single player
*Traditional(like the W3 campaigns)
5)Rise of the blood elves
4)Curse of the forsaken
3)Ascension campaign
2)Lord of the clans
1)Resurection of the scourge
*Role playing(custom)
5)The chosen ones/The devil made me do it
4)Dwarfs campaign/Norj/hal elves
3)The adventures of Rowan the wise/
2)to the bitter end
1 )

*traditional custom races
5)The black road 1.36b2/Final Fantasy ORPG
4)The kingdom or Kaliron/Gaias ORPG
*Dungeon crawler
5)Sunken City
*Tower defense
5)Element TD

*AOS(like dota)
*Spawn based strategy / Conquest Strategy

***this is still under construction***[/QUOTE]
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Apr 2, 2013
Most use the term 'melee' or 'ladder' maps instead of traditional. Sorry, I didn't rate worst maps, these are my top 3 favorites in each category, favorite game modes the top 4, the rest are random.

Conquest Strategy

1) Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn (LR 1.87c) (The best map ever, so many possibilities)
2) Servant War (Conquest game where you conquer others to fight for you)
3) Azeroth Wars: Wrath of the Earth Warden (WOTE) (Similar to the best map ever, also includes Deathwing)


1) Risk Devolution (Devo, Europe map)
2) Risk Next Generation (Next Gen, world map)
3) Middle Earth Risk (LOTR Risk)

Spawn-based Strategy

1) Broken Alliances (Random base strategy game)
2) War of the 12 Kingdoms (Custom lore map)
3) Lordaeron Tactics (LT) / The Scourge of Lordaeron (TSoL) (Map of Lordaeron)


1) Protect the House 2 (Builder Defense, check my version out on MMH, Protect the House Final SCN)
2) Fortress Survival (Builder Defense)
3) Vampirsim Fire/Beast/Speed (Builders vs Vampires)


1) Undead Assault II (Older/original version, Modern/future zombie survival/multiplayer campaign)
2) Unholy Invasion (Hack and slash survival)
3) Founders of the North (Wilderness/Builder survival)

Tower Defense

1) Devil's Nightmare TD (Team freebuild TD)
2) Defend the Mountain TD (Team TD)
3) Wintermaul Wars TD (3v3 freebuild TD)


1) Blood Tournament TD (Plot 'towers' and make units fight)
2) Legion TD Mega (Defend the king with towers turning into units, 4v4)
3) Forgot the name, similar to Legion TD but you fight each other, someone please tell me the map, it is here on hive. I believe it is FFA


1) Defense of the Ancients (DotA, duhhhhhh)
2) Gods of the Arena (GotA)
3) Footmen vs Grunts (Mixed AoS/Strategy)


I dislike RPG's


1) Ice Crown
2) Emerald Gardens
3) Divide and Conquer
1) Tomb of Sargeras (Created by Blood Raven)
2) Gardens of Zimriath (Created by AeroBlyctos)
3) In the End (Created by SonofJay)

Dungeon Crawler

1) Sunken City (WoW time sunken ruins)
2) Warchasers 2 (Similar to original)
3) Pyramid Escape (Mini-game mix Dungeon Crawler)

Altered Melee

1) Steel Blood and Glory (Simple techtree melee based on Hero)
2) RiO, 12K, CoN, SfA (if I missed any of those sorry)
3) Wa66r's custom races (plenty of races, though only one custome race in each map)

Role Play

Kingdom RP
1) Azeroth Wars LR (Fun to RP the nations of Azeroth)
2) Kingdoms and Nations RP (Strategy mix RP medieval map)
3) RoTRP (Freebuild RP)

Characater RP
1) LoaP, create your own Gang
2) LoaP, whatever else
3) Whatever else copies Life of a Peasant


1) Uther Party 2 / Uther Party X-Ultima (Most popular mini-game compilation map)
2) Pyramid Escape (Explained already)
3) Hungry Hungry Fel Hounds / Clockwerk Arena (Hot potatoes type of maps)


1) Angel Arena (Popular arena map with creeps, bosses, and classic fights)
2) Quake of WarCraft Arena 2 (3rd person arena game)
3) Elite Snipers (Custom terrain map, choose different weapons and gadgets

Custom Campaigns

I have not finished any custom campaigns. Iv'e seen youtuber TheAzothan/Azothan cast Dwarven Campaign, and the Bitter End.


1) Boreal Conflict (Based on Tech Wars)
2) Castle Fight (Build many buildings to spawn, just like Tech Wars)
3) Defend the Frozen Throne (Melee buildings and units, use them to spawn on the lane)


Maps I did not include, but are/were really popular on my server.

Twilight's Eve ORPG
Dark Ages of WarCraft
Enfo's MT
Coming of the Horde
A song of Ice and Fire (A game of thrones spawn based map)
Cataclysm Risk
Defiance's ORPG
Other Vampirisms
Elite Riflemen (It has many names for it, small pass in the middle, sometimes ctf, always 2 teams, and you control a rifleman)
Countless Azeroth Wars maps that branched off, or are the roots.
Green Circle TD
Battle for Middle Earth
X-Hero Siege
Lords of Europe
Europe at War
Eras Zombie Invasion
Footies/Footmen Frenzy
Tech Wars

For battle.net players, this is a free no download bot you can use or to hunt for games, for anyone curious what games are up, I suggest you click the link.



Ofcourse, I missed many things, all around this post. It took a long time. EDIT: Days.
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