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Defence of Dalaran v.3.00

Submitted by Krad
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Defend your castle from the attacks of The Demons.
There's 3 bosses =D.
Survive for 25 minutes.
And this map is full of secrets =D.
Red - Divine Army
Blue - Elven Archers
Teal - Blood Elves
Purple - Dwarves
Yellow - Magicians

Im just new to map making and this is my first =D.

Please don't make this map yours by changing its names,etc.

There's also a cheat here. The cheat is -marvinstreasure# <-- No. 1 to 5.
But if you cheat, the summoned units of the undead will become Angry Undead Kings.


Defence of Dalaran v.3.00 (Map)

07:32, 5th Jul 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected
  1. 07:32, 5th Jul 2011
    Status: Rejected
  2. Jazztastic


    Apr 4, 2011
    I know it's hard submitting a first map (hell I'm still working on mine, but I submitted TWO spells which got rejected), but at the same time it's important for you to get good feedback and things to improve on.

    Defence of Dalaran (v2.5) is a simple defense map, defend the castle for 25 minutes with your giant army and heroes. With five different races (and thus five differenent hero classes), there is some variety, but since races are slot assigned players will probably be stuck with a race they don't like :(

    Testing the map using the Human race, I was startlingly suprised. Not being anything special, but a lot better than my guess for a first map (working on 7th map and none have been postworthy). A few things this map that I noticed immediately:
    Goods and Bads within 5 minutes
    +Hero has 5 abilities, not triggered, but still fitting for the hero
    +Fitting skins/models for custom units, not overly excessive but a nice variety right off the bat
    +Not an immediate rush to the action, but it didnt delay at all
    +Large fights between units holding towers and undead units with big BAMF units trying to kill em

    -Abilities out of order (icon moved x,y coordinates between when you learned and where they ended up on hero, kindof confusing and annoying)
    -Very, very bland terrain
    -No list of credits for resources
    -Game specifically tells you not to go into the undead base, I think there might have been some kind of secret in there but it's not worth the effort
    -Lots of silly and useless secrets. Serious WTF when looking in WE about spam of tomes and goblin mines in forest.

    Gameplay was moderately fun. Nothing particularly outstanding in a good or bad way. Spells all worked and tooltips were present. However, I was kindof left in the dark on hero revival until he came back suddenly, which apparently turned out to be every 20 seconds. The hero revival brings us to our next point, leaks.

    Leak Discussion - Please take note Author
    The trigger for hero revival
    • Events
      • Time - Every 20.00 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Hero - Instantly revive Kael 0338 <gen> at (Center of Revival <gen>), Show revival graphics
      • Hero - Instantly revive Sylvanas Windrunner 0339 <gen> at (Center of Revival <gen>), Show revival graphics
      • Hero - Instantly revive Arthas (wielding Frostmourne) 0247 <gen> at (Center of Revival <gen>), Show revival graphics
      • Hero - Instantly revive Muradin Bronzebeard 0337 <gen> at (Center of Revival <gen>), Show revival graphics
      • Hero - Instantly revive Jaina 0336 <gen> at (Center of Revival <gen>), Show revival graphics

    A pretty bland trigger as is, no sfx or update to the user, just sudden revival.

    How this could be improved to make leakless

    • Events
      • Time - Every 20.00 seconds of game time
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Set Temp_Point = (Center of Revival <gen>)
      • Hero - Instantly revive Kael 0338 <gen> at Temp_Point, Show revival graphics
      • Hero - Instantly revive Sylvanas Windrunner 0339 <gen> at Temp_Point, Show revival graphics
      • Hero - Instantly revive Arthas (wielding Frostmourne) 0247 <gen> at Temp_Point, Show revival graphics
      • Hero - Instantly revive Muradin Bronzebeard 0337 <gen> at Temp_Point, Show revival graphics
      • Hero - Instantly revive Jaina 0336 <gen> at Temp_Point, Show revival graphics
      • Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_Temp_Point)

    With the addition of two functions and changing a few small details in the others, we can make this leakless, however, this only works for all the heroes because they are preplaced on map.

    Leaks plague this map. You should check into that.

    Overall, triggers are leaking all over the place and not very effective. They get the job done, but they should be optimized and leakless (because it's easy to do and good triggering, but mostly because of the immense map size). Nothing in particular caught the eye, except the complete lack of variables. 100% variable free. WTF?

    The map starts to draw on you after a while. There is no keystone idea or anything to do really except kill wave after wave of giant undead horde. This is fun for a while, but quickly grows boring. The abilities on the units need updates, try more for passives on melee and actives on range, because a level 1 shockwave isn't going to matter on a meatshield, and microing any targetted ability is annoying. Use instant AoE like thunder clap or war stomp.

    View attachment 100890
    A rather typical scene of fighting in Dalaran Defense

    Altogether, this is an slightly bad map. Nothing special, has leaks, no custom abilities, but it will hold your attention for a few minutes, with maybe one or two replays. This map has a lot of useless content that needs fixing or relevance, so bewarned, this map is officially a 2/5

    Dalaran Defence is a 2/5 map

    This map should be rejected until updated. Specifically for the author, here are some ways to improve this map and get it in the approved section


    -Take tutorials on finding and destroying leaks. I cannot stress how important this is, it will make you a way better mapper and introduce you to custom script
    -Along with leaks, maybe try adding a few basic trigger enhanced spells. I know my first were nova spells from the helper.net http://world-editor-tutorials.thehelper.net/cat_usersubmit.php?view=92873 It's slightly dated information but it is still usefull (and leakless)
    -You could implement better tooltips. Don't rely on blizzard defaults. Use colors and include tons of relevant information
    -Balance this game. Single player it seemed impossible to win on my own. With a full game it seemed too easy.
    -Absolutely DO NOT continue with that ridiculous spam of random tomes and goblin land mines. While it is a good idea to include secrets and cool easter eggs in a game, do not prioritize these over the game itself, and do not make it like this.
    -Cite sources in an optional quest tab. Not doing this is *HIGHLY* looked down upon
    -Try to add a unique element of gameplay to this map

    Krad, do not give up! This map has hope, a lot more so than some other maps I've seen today *cough (V3H) cough*. Follow my advice (in improvements tab), try to balance the gameplay a little bit, then PM me for a re-rate. Or you could bribe me ONE HUNDRED BILLIONS DOLLARS! NEEEEEHHHH per point (Dr. Evil!). That works too :ogre_hurrhurr:

    Good luck sir on your map!
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2012