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Turalyon is an alliance character from the Warcraft Lore. This skin has been created for JokeMaster for his upcoming Alliance models.


All comments and criticism are welcome! I plan to use the feedback to make some updates :)

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Turalyon (Texture)

23:34, 6th Nov 2010 67chrome: Link to Review
Level 6
Oct 23, 2010
There are some white lines on the hair that are not touched, or that doesn't matter? But the texture looks very good.
Level 10
Sep 13, 2008
at fist stop sandwiching my poor cow between your epic-skins
my skin appears then kinda shitty :(

well to the skin... the armor is great as always :) but as said before the face could need some more definition and imo the eyes look really frightened.
also the shaft of the hammer comes out very blurry. i saw its a kinda tiny texture for this big shaft, it think you can get more out of it.
if you fix that a 5/5 will be stomped on your table.

aah i really like to draw faces and bodys fuck me really up, may we can start a combo. you do the body and i do the face, cause i really love how you do your bodystuff ;)
Level 36
Jan 10, 2009
Looks pretty cool. It's nice to see you spend a little more time on modifying the faces, it's a little depressing downloading your skins only to see the portrait file taken up largely by the default texture.

Anyways, this is what Turalyon looked like in WC2 (his portrait anyways, he used the knight sprites for his unit)

So I'd recommend perhaps making him blond, and subsequently changing his face a little more so he doesn't look like Arthas with snazzy armor.

Overall the only things I really have a problem with in the texture itself is the larger shoulder seems to wrap a little funny and the pupils seem to small, giving him a bit of a surprised look. Other than that this is very high quality work :)

Deleted member 157129


Deleted member 157129

His cheekbones are too long. End them just under the mouth.
(They are also too strong in my opinion. Makes him look ridiculous.)

This, and you should work some more on the eyes. Otherwise a really nice skin.
Level 10
Feb 2, 2010
I dont think he'd fit in blonde :/ I know that you coulden't permanent colour your hair under this time but let's say some kid threw Dirt in to his hair ? and it also had a healing effect which made his hair look like in those hair comercials :p Realy Nice Work!.
Level 4
Aug 4, 2010
Uhm is it me or is Textures/Arthas.blp wrong or something? since I can't get the model into my map :S :S
Level 1
Mar 17, 2012
everything is of great quality. but i'm not a big fan of his face :/
but still you amazed me and a 5/5 from me^_^

Wc3 faces are always ugly,nice skin btw going right on to my map +rep keep up the good work we need more usfull skins like this one :goblin_good_job: