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Squash The Carpenter

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Entry for Hive's Texturing Contest #33 (not 32 lol, footman quit ctrl+c;ctrl+p then)
He's a half-orc half-sasquash, when a lady Orc met a sentient sasquash that in love with each other (abittoomuch) that she carried a child with him. Fear that her Orc tribe simply do not approve this relationship and the child, she sent it to a refugee in an unknown village where no race is discriminated. One day at his teenage, he accidentally lost himself in the forest, he encountered a wild beast that cause him to lose his horns, nails and some of his teeth. A known-villager found him crying at the forest and take him to his place. He was a carpenter, noticing that Squash's horns is ungrowable because of his half-orc origin, he craft a wooden horn which help him motivate and offer to learn how to craft wood. Many years later, he's a well known carpenter craft the finest wood products and even offered by a nearby kingdom to craft the finest throne as they can do. But even at professional, he's still being discriminated by outsider and so he would not seek stranger unless they can tickle something worth his attention.
My return was not so expected but at least I can cook up new stuff.
Version 1.0Released.
Tag: Orc, Sasquatch, Woodmaster, craftsman, journeyman, squatch

BTNSquash (Icon)

Squash The Carpenter (Texture)