CSW - Doodad Pack


We wanted to share some of the custom doodads that are going to appear in our campaign.
This pack will be constantly updated, as we add more and more doodads.

Other models, textures and icons will be added to this thread:
CSW - Resources


When using our resources, do credit the project like this:

Chronicles of the Second War

Or ingame with Chronicles of the Second War


Book Blue (Model)

Book Green (Model)

Book Red (Model)

Books 1 (Model)

Books 2 (Model)

Books 3 (Model)

City Windows 1 (Model)

City Windows 2 (Model)

City Windows 3 (Model)

Orc Alchemy Rack (Model)

Orc Armor Rack (Model)

Orc Grave Stone (Model)

Orc Grave Stone (Badlands) (Model)

Orc Weapon Rack (Model)

Scrolls (Model)

Silver Hand Armor Rack (Model)

Silver Hand Banner (Model)

Silver Hand Weapons Rack (Model)

Torture Cage (Model)

Wall Banner Silver Hand (Model)

Mr Ogre man
I thought I already approved this, huh.
Level 3
Mar 28, 2008
Beautiful! I just wish I could find an empty weapon rack and or armor rack that has attachment points facing the proper direction for Weapon/item attachments. If that is possible, and I think it is, then could you possible make them? They would be useful models that I'm sure a lot of people would use. Being able to drop an item on an empty weapon rack and have it show up on the weapon or armor rack, would be absolutely next level! If there is already a model for this, please direct me. It would be a lot better than just a standard inventory holder structure. Although, I suppose I could get a dummy character that holds them. But a weapon/armor rack with attachments is certainly ideal. Dare I say, even an unforged one... But I prefer HD graphics lol. Anyway, thanks for working hard and sharing you work! Keep kickin ass! Cheers! :peasant-cheers: