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[Strategy / Risk] Creep Wars Ultimate

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Level 17
Sep 8, 2007
Hello ladies and gents,

I'll ask you kindly to share your thoughts on this, maybe add your ideas if you have some and your honest opinion if you think it is worth remaking this map.

Lately I became nostalgic again watching a video about the 12 year old custom map Creep Wars.
If you can't remember the map, here's the video I watched:
I assume that further details about the map is known.

I remembered that I tried to make an upgraded version of that very map many years ago, but unfortunately that map is gone. I was thinking of remaking the map once again, but this time until completion.The gameplay concept would be more or less the same, but the map itself would offer many more features and also different game modes to play.

Brief explanation: Every team base has some kind of "crystal tower" (use your fantasy, lol) in its base. It can heal and revive your hero. Also, your team lost, once the crystal tower has fallen. Your goal is to make your opponent's crystal towers fall, obviously.
You can collect creeps by killing them. Depending on the gamemode, you can do this and that.

  • different evolvable heroes with a set of balanced custom spells (will most probably recycle some spells from my other project Cosmo Arena)
  • item sets whose components can be found throughout the map
  • different creeptypes and levels (Regular, Boss, Legendary, ...)
  • "Defend" feature, in which you can summon your creeps into your own base, once you get assaulted by another team. (for standard mode)
  • filter option, which offers to only collect creeps satisfying certain conditions
  • Standard: collect creeps by killing them and summon them in front of the "assaulted" enemy base.
  • Fighter: each team has a fighter. When "assaulting" another team, those 2 fighters will fight each other. The fighters basically will absorb the collected creeps' strength and maybe have special abilities depending on which creeps/creep combinations you have. The fighter that survived will then be summoned in front of the opponent's team base and continue the assault with its remaining strength.
  • Arena: the "assaulting" and the "assaulted" team's creeps will fight each other in an arena. Depending on the outcome, the remaining creeps will inflict instant damage to the opponent's crystal tower
Not open for further replies.