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Creating/Changing A Unit To A Tower

Level 3
Feb 21, 2008
Creating or Changing A Unit To A Tower

(In alphabetical order so you can do it while you read):

Art - Icon (Game Interface) - Whatever ICON you want.

Art - Model File - Any unit or building you want your tower to look like.

Art - Shadow Texture (Building) - Arcane Tower OR Cannon Tower.

Combat - Acquisition Range - 9999 (So it always attacks.)

Combat - Area of Effect (Large, Medium, and Small

Damage (The radius of splash on the towers attack.)) - Use this like range, it is how far the splash damage will go except

in radius form.

Combat - Area of Effect Targets (What this unit's attack will effect with splash damage) - Set it to

air for air splash, or ground for ground splash, or both.

Combat - Attack Type- Attack type varies based on many things. Depending on the armor type of

the units your tower will be attacking, the most common thing people use for this is pierce (for any normal attack,) or

chaos (for any splash attack.) Be sure to acknowledge the fact that your damage type can effect units differently

depending on their Armor.

Combat - Projectile Art (The art of whatever comes

out of the unit when it attacks, (can be anything from an arrow, to a

Blademaster dying.) - Any.

Combat - Missile Type - Missile for a ranged attack,

splash for chaos/magic, and bounce for a huntress type attack.

Combat - Cooldown (the number of seconds

in-between each attack.) - Whatever you want.

Attack 2 - Same setting options as 1, usually used if you want air and ground attacks to be

different (IE: A Ghoul's first attack is normal, the second is used for harvesting wood.)

:fp:Combat - Targeted As - Structure (IMPORTANT!)

Movement - All movement options should be set to 0, unless you want your structure to move...


Pathing - AI Placement Radius - 15

Pathing - AI Placement Type - General

Pathing - Collision Size - 72 (Can be anything you want, but that is the basic Tower size.)

Pathing - Map - Arcane Tower

Stats - Build Time - How long this building will take to finish.

:fp:Stats - Can Be Built On - False (Unless you want this tower to be able to be built on

top of by other buildings.)

:fp:Stats - Can Build On - False (Unless you want this tower to be built on other


Stats - Can Flee - False (Unless you want this tower to run away :xxd:. (This is not

important as long as all your Movement Speed options are set to 0.))

:fp:Stats - Is a Building - True (IMPORTANT!)

Techtree - Requirements - Any buildings that need to be built before this building can be constructed (IE: The Town Hall

for all races has 3 upgrades, some new buildings can be constructed each upgrade.)

Created By: -Prodigy-

I hope this helps you!
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Level 3
Feb 21, 2008
The formatting is horrible, and couldn't you just base your custom tower on an already-existing tower?

Not that I don't appreciate your fabulous comment, but the purpose of it isn't focused on one type of unit editing, this is generally changing any unit or building into a tower, not to mention if you want to customize it you need to know what has to be changed and what doesn't.

[Formatting Changed].
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Level 3
Feb 21, 2008
Your formatting is still shit. Centering everything is terrible, so is the use of emoticons.

In any case, this tutorial is virtually useless, seeing as how simple it is to do it yourself.

I'm sorry you feel this way, but everyone needs to start somewhere. Just because you know something doesn't mean everyone else does. [Formatting Changed]. Kthxbai.
Level 11
Feb 16, 2009
Can't you just make one tutorial explaining ALL fields(especially the projectile offsets and so are important because if you do it wrong arrows go out of the units head(!))
Besides many of these things are quite obvious.
Also, what if I want a tower with the barracks model and size? I see onyl advise on ''standard'' towers.