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Corrupted Lords of Ashenvale v1.2

Submitted by SA Dashie
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
DeathChef presents!

Corrupted Lords of Ashenvale v1.2

Game Story

You have been manipulated by the Reaper from Ashenvale Forest to attempt to betray and take over the World of Warcraft and you where its first target. As the Night Elfs have noticed lately the Lords of Ashenvale have been acting strange so the Night Elfs grew suspicious and know what was going to happen.
The Lords of Ashenvale Forest have finally been fully manipulated and corrupted by the Reaper of Ashenvale and the Night Elfs need to kill you and the other Corrupted Lords to be at peace once again.
Try to survive as long as you can from wave after wave of the Night Elfs to help the Reaper take over the World of Warcraft.
Have fun!

About the Game

In this game you have to survive round after round of what seems like endless amounts of night elf units with each new night elf units or two that gets sent out to kill you and the other lords of ashenvale. The Night elf units are the default units that are originally set in Wc3 but they have been altered into the map.

  • At the start there is a small seriese of dialogs to vote for modes and choose setings.
  • The game also includes a multiboard that tells you your kills during the game, who's playing and the levels of the players Corrupted Lord of Ashenvale(Hero).
  • The game is truly unique and is great fun with a party of people.
  • There are some custom made abilitys made by me specifically made for this games game play.
  • The terrain is built very well for this game so you can have more fun.

Latest Changes
These are the latest updates from this vertion.
Note that not many details are listed due to the map being heavily updated.

  1. Added 3 new Lords
  2. Summoned units get minus Hit Points per second instead of a set life time.
  3. Changes game story.
  4. Improved the games efficiency.
  5. Added a small choice of music.
  6. Added a special hero choose system
  7. Fixed how the game could not be finished.
  8. Changes the statue in the middle with a Reaper that can be walked under.
  9. Balanced the night elfs spawn rate
  10. The new Lords have a few custom abilities
  11. Fixed all minor terraining errors
  12. Added extra movement speed per agility point.
  13. All the bugs and glitches I know have been fixed.
  14. Much more team work required as because of the new lords.
  15. Added an About in where the Quest log disposed to be.
  16. Fixed that apparent stuck bug on/in the statue as there is no more statue.
  17. Balanced all the units as much as I can without testers.
  18. Changed the Lords scale size to a lower scale.

Earlier Change log
  1. Added a vote at the start of the map for, Difficulty, Night elves sent at once, Trees revive, and Night Elves and Ashenvale Animals alliance.
  2. Balanced out the Corrupted lords Abilitys and strengths.
  3. Balanced out the amount of Night elves able to be sent.
  4. Fixed the mas lag problem and is way more playable now.
  5. You can now observe if you die.
  6. Fixed the Score Board.
  7. Added a proper ending.
  8. Fixed many various minor things.

  1. Map uploaded.


Remember that any suggestions, bug, glitch, unbalanced, suggestions, criticism, report would help me out and also may improve my game.
Please do contact me as I will like to hear from you and will also highly apreciate any usefull replay.
Remember if you want to contact me just send me a PM, VM or an email.

All criticism, bug report and
suggestions welcome.:)

Corrupted, Lords, of, Ashenvale, Ancient, v1.2

Corrupted Lords of Ashenvale v1.2 (Map)

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  1. 15:51, 8th Oct 2015
    Shadow Fury: The user requested the thread to be cleaned and resurrected. It is set to needs fix until the user updates it and is sent automatically to the pending section.