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  • Magnet :D,
    Goodluck on your next map,
    Sorry i couldn't play much on your Trojan wall coz i can only play maps with 2-3 persons at home and we have slow internet connection right now so i can't play online either.
    and that map needs more players than 2 to be played with fun exactly and my playmate here wouldnt go againts me XD.
    i update the discription with what v1.2 gives, it gives some upgrades to the calvary station, added 2 new abilities, 1 for the Spline Knight (Hell) and 1 for Royal Guard Rider (Heaven), made the AI start with less souls and replaced the calvary station model :)
    Ok Ill ask this really nicely, its been about a month since I fixed the bugs you pointed out in Necropolis.

    Im asking you to change your rating since its no longer relevant. If you dont want to rerate, at least remove it entirely.
    hey magnet,found some bug in ur map.the harverster kill this unit ability not no kill the unit but it effect like the far seer hero(melee game) 2nd skill.fix it
    Hey dude, when are you going to complete your maps? Now i'm not so active, no one's really making suggestions or advice for my dusty map lol, seems it'll stop at v2.3? I'm going to be free from work soon!
    oh I see, well I still don't know how to fix some descriptions in maps and all, sorry dude, why not ask the uploaders themselves? I'll post If I know how
    Woah Magnet, you trying to learn how to do terraining? I saw those tutorials Orcnet linked, kind of impressive, but I don't think you'll go that far for a map.
    sure, but their are more tutorials that shows good terraining skills, even the basic ones, yeh your welcome!
    sure thing buddy, here are the links(note. my terrain are definitely the same as the tutorial)
    Island Highlights
    Underwater Effect
    thanks for the like, those are just practice terrains I followed in the tutorial section, anyways thanks again!
    Hey Magnet you're online now, GMT+8, 11.28pm, you still can't contact the world? I really want to play my map with ya!
    Hey man, I'd like to play Warcraft with ya, maybe on my map or your crazy looking map. I play on Garena and Gameranger, hopefully you had trampled on one of them? Thanks a lot man, you sure brightened my day with your post...all the rest only know how to ask for a better description =.=
    Many thanks for the nice comments... you make my map look good even though it isn't much yet...

    I'm just here to tell you that there's a new hero of mine that has an entirely customized set of abilities. It's well capable in managing against mass of units however, I can't say the same in terms of fighting against other heroes yet.
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) thanks for lieking the map ^^ rep for comments
    Nah, people wouldn't say that on the Map Development. BUT, if you want to post it there so people can check it out and suggest, then do so, and THEN upload it to the Maps :D If you want to send it to someone, use the Pastebin XP

    Well, removing leaks decreases filesize (no, not just trigger ones, other leaks as well, such as unused imports, unnecessary objects, etc) xP But still, what's your map's filesize? It should be below 8MB, cause and LAN Limit are 8MB xP
    aw, sweet, you mentioned me.
    got a new update on the cinema, still not yet finished bcoz of roleplaying.
    but working hard with the triggers!!!
    Reading by the comment on the map, he doesn't look (that) mad o_o' and alrite, good luck xP

    Well, I guess the map, so I can fix/combine/divide/whatever them xD
    SWEET xD Well, idk, Quests log credits? o_o (if you have any) Loading Screen (on the bottom probably) Near the gate along with yours? I'm fine with anything/anywhere xD
    lol, I can help you with whatever you wish xD BUT, AI might be buggy though....also, lol @ "I could use you" alrite mastar xP

    School work? Same here, time consuming and stuff -.- New map? What kind of map are you working on?
    lulz, don't mention it xD
    Ya, you can copy/paste a unit that has its skin overwritten, the copied/pasted unit will have that skin too.

    Custom scripts? o_o What kind of Scripts? AI Scripts or....JASS Scripts/Custom Scripts in the Trigger Editor? idk how to make JASS/Custom Scripts, but I can make AI ones xP Well, for melee/altered melee maps. Sorry :/
    Well, one unit can use only one skin at a time xP Like, a Naga Myrmidon may only use one skin in a map xP

    And leaks...well: Leak Tutorial

    Here's more.

    Basically, leaks are triggers that could be combined/modified/divided so they make less lag and take up less filesize from the map :D
    Good to see you're still working on it :D

    And alright xP So, what kind of help do you need with triggers to "make them shorter"? o_o Combine them/remove Leaks?

    And well, for the skins, you gotta import them and then change their name from "war3imported/<skinname>" to the original skin's path. It says it on the readme files on each skin (if you downloaded it from the Hive), like "Textures/Footman" for the Footman.
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