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Contest Suggestion

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Level 14
Nov 4, 2006
I have an idea!
The idea is to have like a contest or something about who has been the best modeler/2d artist/mapmaker/mod&admin etc.
Than we would know which modeler for an example THW likes the most.

My suggestions of which ones :

Best admin of the year
Best Global mod of the year
Best resource mod of the year spell/map/skin/models/tools
Best Forum mod of the year
Best Chat mod of the year
Best Mini-mod of the year
Best 2d artist/skinner of the year
Best modeler of the year
Best mapmaker of the year
Best terrainer of the year
Best triggerer of the year
Best toolmaker of the year
Best Iconmaker of the year
If I have forgotten anything tell me please.
Popularity contests are foolish.

...Yeah. I mean, sure, Void could be runner up, but what about me (don't take it as me being arrogant..), frosty, Gilles? That'd go to popularity, and I know that I'm not the most popular ... I hardly do anything except for terraining. Overall, it'd be a popularity contest, even though they might not be those.
"Best Admin of the Year"? That'd be even more retarded.
Level 24
Jun 14, 2005
Yea it might work for best map makers, terrainers, etc, although it probably wouldn't, but admins, mods, etc would defiantly not be a good idea. As for the other stuff, it might work with judges, rather then a public poll, but otherwise I doubt it would work.
Level 15
Nov 1, 2004
This type of things is fun and works well on some forums but it doesn't seem like it would be the best idea here. The focus is quite different and it would probably make more enemies than friends.
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