Chaos Colossus 0.87d

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The influences for this map were the Sunwell in warcraft lore, and the PS game Shadow of the Colossus.
I used them for the theme, overall ambiance and tried to recreate the impression of massiveness for the Colossi (since i was disappointed at the lack of such things in warcraft III).

  • The story

    • The Holy Well is widely renowned for its blessed water, a source of great power.
      It stands in a shiny shrine built all around it for the sole purpose of protecting it.
      Kil'Jaeden the demon lord, though, has made plans to defile the Well.
      He has just sent an elite squadron of giant demonic golems, the only ones of his minions capable of dealing with such power.
      They are, The Colossi.

      The Well senses the approach of the forces of Chaos. It has called upon four fearless and devoted lords, the mighty Defenders, to ensure its protection.
      What they didn't know, is that even in their worst nightmares, no humans had ever imagined such terrific menace.

      That my friend, is where your story starts.

  • The gameplay

    • 2 sides: The forces of Chaos, against the people of the Holy Well.

    • 10 players:
      -4 Defenders
      -The Well;
      -4 Colossi,

    • The Well is in the center of the map, surrounded by human towns and relic shrines covering almost all the land.

    • The Colossi destroy everything on their way to the center (the Holy Shrine).
      Their goal is to cast a corrupting spell on the Holy Well, before the angels come to save the Well.
      That happens after 30 minutes and means ultra easy victory for the Humans.

    • A Defender is no match for a Colossus 1 on 1, it's like David vs Goliath, but humans use their intellect, agile moves and cooperation to make each Colossus waste as much time and health as possible, even managing to kill them in the process sometimes.
      Destroying all the Colossi is the other way for Defenders to achieve victory.

    • Each Defender can build portals to bring squads of fighters from friendly countries, and/or towers to setup smart defense positions. What and how you build is a decisive part of your strategic choices.
      Defender heroes can count on their individual skill for combat and limited holy powers to push back and counterattack the demons.

    • The Holy Well is granted great holy power to cast spells accross the whole map, assisting the defenders and pushing back the enemy.

    • Each Colossus is a tremendously powerful giant assault hero, able to crush many things and people at once with a mere punch. For example their normal attacks cause AoE stun and damage.
      They can summon various unholy creatures around themselves to maximize the onslaught.

    • Kil'Jaeden, not physically present on the map, uses his exceptionnal magical powers to release hell on the humans. He can also assist his Colossus minions in various ways.
      His power allows him to summon stronger creatures than the Colossi can make, all around the map.

    • Chaos players become exponentially stronger as they kill enemies and helpless innocents.

    • Humans get increased possibilities and backup, as the reinforcements from friendly countries and even Heaven come closer.

    • Features

      • Movie-like atmosphere, with introduction, cutscenes, event coverage, ending and even more.

      • Polished special FX: special attention and careful tweaking makes animations, visuals and the game's aesthetic in general really good looking.

      • Custom GUI/JASS abilities, a whole lot of them.

      • Many more heroskills per hero than warcraft normally allows, thanks to the exclusive
        Leveler system and other methods.
        For example, the Stygian Colossus has 17 skills (v0.73), not counting the summons.

      • Exclusive evolution system for the Colossi. They can choose from a variety of even more deadly forms when they are judged worthy of it.
        Evolutions (08-10-2011): Arctic, Crystal, Flesh, Infernal, Shadow, Stygian Colossi.

      • Simple yet extensive building system for the Defenders, allowing them to setup countless strategies to defeat the evil.
        Includes small/big, short/mid/long ranged, specialized towers; traps; walls; doors; special effects etc...

      • Exclusive shiny Dome shield system protecting the Well and units around it, aswell as repelling any enemy.

      • Custom summoning and troop gathering system allowing the Colossi and Kil'Jaeden to summon and manage their army fast and easily.

      • Hero superiority: Only heroes and a select few exceptionnal units may finish a hero, other units can only make them extremely low hp, in an almost-disabled state.

      • Many other specific exclusive systems adding to the uniqueness of the map, like the chaos atom auto-gathering or the tech points manager...

      • Wisely used imported music, models, icons and more.

      • Player-friendly. Much work done, and is still being done to make the player feel comfortable with handling his units; helpful texts, tips and informations tell you the solution of any trouble you could come accross.

      • And even more.

*There is a special ending credits scene ingame for regular beta testers. It's my way to thank these very helpful players. Why not be one?

Credits (08-10-2011):

=== MUSIC ===
-to Clint Mansell for the awesome soundtrack Lux aeterna (Requiem for a dream) partially used and edited

=== MODELS ===
-to BlackShogun for the Ice Wave spell
-to Doug (clan Map) for help about the Dome antimagic JASS
-to Paladon for Telekinesis
-to Zack1996 for Diabolic edict, modified by me for MUI
-to donut3.5 for the Faerie model
-to Mephestrial for the wooden walls model
-to Misha for the Walls block model
-to pWn3d for the sunfire model
-to Shamanyouranus for the ShadowSpawn model and shadowbindtarget
-JetFangInferno for Grudgeaura
-takakenji for Lordaeron tree.
-Lord-T-rex for Tree.
-Suselishe for Elemental Fencer.
-alfredx_sotn for Chaos Spider.
-Dionesiist for Hellgaoler.
-Ampharos_222 for BoneCutter.
-Debode & shiik for Iniquit Overlord.
-to Dark Hunter1357, Iristle, JetFangInferno, kaycei, Ergius, low_kwality, Lestat(br), b17rider, Burning_Dragoon5, Pyritie for the unit models

=== ICONS ===
-to Mr.Goblin for the shadowspawm icon, Dead Coil.
-kola for SummonInferno
-CRAZYRUSSIAN for LeftBook, Green_ag_copy.
-4eNNightmare for Sanity's Eclipse, Magic Missile.
-Peekay for EnhanceBody, Mental Strength.
-Hellx-Magnus for Spectralhead.
-DArkfang for PiercingFeathers.
- -Stygian- for Mana Burn.
-L_Lawliet for Eruption.
-to BlackRockClan, leetslay, GreyArchon for icons.

(removed some screenshots to try and fix bandwidth problem)

Official forums:

*Protected map.

Map auto-hosted by "TealHaze " @Europe, US East and US West!
Do " /whois tealhaze " to know if a hosting is up, and the current gn, then join!

Chaos, Colossus, scenario, holy, unholy, demon, epic, war, battle, Well, Colossi, Kil'Jaeden, golem, infernal, giant, burning, legion, scourge, siege,

Chaos Colossus 0.87d (Map)

10:57, 16th Dec 2009 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 10
Oct 16, 2008
Well you don't need to like specifically LotR to like this map.
(i don't play LotR warcraft maps btw, they're just too... stuck to the real story)
Basically, when i think of an epic movie with great songs and atmosphere, in a fantasy/medieval lore, among the few ones i saw i think LotR is what resembles it the most, afaik (especially with that balrog part).

I've seen eragon too but, well, it doesnt fit that well, ya know |: .
And the narnia/potter/etc series i didnt happen to watch them.
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Level 5
Nov 1, 2007
Hey, I tried your map out, and I can say though that the idea is fairly cool, the implementation is a bit flawed.

First off, you boot people who do not want to watch your cinematic. No, I did not get booted, however, some players did. I feel this is wrong. You are not creating a "Are you a retard?" maze. If the players don't want to watch a cinematic, don't punish them. You hurt the people trying to play the game more than anything else. It's hard to get enough people to play this to begin with, with a big file size, and a unknown map, so when you lose someone, it's fairly disheartening.

Secondly, the constant music in the background, which even if we turn off the music, we still have to listen to, being repeated over and over. Its sorta cool at first, but after 5 seconds, it gets old, because the music quality is very poor.

A fairly large bug was found during our play session - If you jump to an area that is near/on the holywell, your colossus disappears : P May want to fix that.

Theres a lot of potential in this map, however, it's very complicated for new players. Not that the objective is confusing. It's how to control your colussi, and trying to learn how to do everything there is to do. Also, the beginning is fairly boring for colossi players.

Level 10
Oct 16, 2008
Dude, i gotta say THANK YOU!
--(btw r u the active guy from clan MoC? looks like i know ur aka)--
I didn't expect such detailed criticism within a so short time, and i'm really pleased :)

I'm glad you like the core of the map, so let me explain some of the flaws:

-The "boot-IF-someone-hits-escape-twice" during intro is not pure fantasy of mine, i had to implement this because hitting escape during the scene instantly cancels the unit speech (which happens to be the briefing, and explanations on how to play), and it also cancels the current scene sound, for ALL players.
->Before i implement the anti-escape, there would always be some impatient dude on crack spamming escape all the intro long... I think you get the point by now, if players cant read neither hear their briefing, the flaw is even bigger.
*Besides, they need to hit escape 2 times, with at least 1 second inbetween. That means they have the time to read the warning and notice the system actually works (alot of dudes hit esc once "just to see").

About the music, this is also a workaround. The editor won't play music like it should, so i was forced to use sound variables for the music, which is why you cannot turn it off like normal music.
Also, the quality is poor but you know, bnet allows only 4 mb for hosting...

About the disappearing bug, you need to make sure the colossus didnt re-appear somewhere in a river.
I made a "secret river pass" which lets you travel underground and repop in the rivers around the center, if you jump into the water right next to the Well.
If the Colossus never repoped, however, then it's really a bug. (note that this secret pass is abit small to let a colossus through, realism-wise... ill think about it)

About the map being complicated, yes i confess it's disturbing for new players but usually after 2 games they play like pros. Anyways i let you know that i am currently (like, right now) finishing the introduction scene, which should be of Much help for newcomers :)
And i will focus the upcoming versions on making the map more noob-friendly.

Thanks for the rating and the review.
Level 5
May 1, 2008
Reds Infobox has a 'bug' or whatever you might call it: each havent got its colour, and the color code doesnt look good in a infobox xD

Also: The cinematic started like... 5 minutes after the game start. Is this intended?

Anyways, gonna try it online now.

Oh yeah! And the name.. Wouldnt it sound better like this: Chaos of The Colossus? I would rather like it to be called that. But hey, I didnt make the map!

So, now I played it, and I have to say: WOW! It was really fun, being an Collosus, pwning the defenders (which left after 10 minutes -_-') The only minus is, you do not know what to do when you play this, the first time. Being an Colussus isnt that hard. But the Defenders starts to leave, because the Colossus' is too good (I think) for the Defenders. But 5/5 from here ;) Okay theres another minus ^^
The tips pops up during the Credits (not sure if they do in the Intro)
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Level 30
Feb 5, 2009
Very interesting map, I like it a lot!

I have to agree when you say LOTR maps are a far too concentrated on the story. Just seems to be a lack of focus on the gameplay and more focus on the best way to implement Tom Bombadil, or whether or not you should actually include him because he wasn't in the movie. It's just a little meh when every LOTR map is more or less like that. Why not make a map sort of based around the gameplay of Battle For Middle Earth? Not saying to copy it, but to at least make it that you select a race at a starting location, build your base and get your armies.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Found your concept veeery awesome indeed. Although I don't go for these types of maps, I feel as though this is a worthy addition to the genre of... uh... maps like this, I guess. Whatever the genre is, I like what you've done with it!

And yes, it does feel as though you're playing in a movie, except that you actually choose the ending :p. Good job! 4/5
Level 10
Oct 16, 2008
First, thanks for the great review!
Second, Yea in this map i focused on the gameplay, the atmosphere, put short: what the player feels when he plays.
I tried to make it so that when you play it, you say to yourself "omg i didnt know warcraft 3 could feel so great!"

And i have aLOT of improvement ideas for the upcoming versions :) .

About the type, i dont rly think there is one. WHen they ask me on bnet, i answer "its unique". I can't say its "a movie" cuz they would think you don't actually play (while you freaking do, lol).

If you mind joining the beta testing team, i'd be happy. Anyways, thx for the nice review and rating!
Level 30
Feb 5, 2009
Yeah, that'd be cool to be a part of the beta testing team, I might just check it out :D

As I said before, I don't usually go for maps where there are preset locations and everything, but what you've done is sort of like a campaign where there is a story with the addition of having multiple players involved.

I get sick of seeing the same style of gameplay (How many more ppl want to do the Battle of Helms Deep? I mean, come one! Do something else!), which is why seeing such a change and a twist on the norm is so refreshing.

Those Collossi are so awesome, they just pwn everything :p

Mind you, I had to look around to figure out how to get units, but once I did it was pretty simple. It's a good indication that your gameplay is unique when players have to think of new strategies to implement.
Level 10
Oct 16, 2008
That's great, because i have a real need for originality, in all the maps i make.
That, because i think redoing what has already been done, unless its made extremely better, is more of a waste of time than anything else.

Also because well, when you're tired of one map, you wanna enjoy something different.
What if that something different happens to be a remake?! That's a big issue in mapmaking atm, and i'm there to solve it.

Of course, unique gameplay brings more unfamiliarity and abit of difficulty for newcomers, but then again, it settles after one game or two, for greater enjoyment!

It seems like, at least for you and a some others, i succeeded on this point, which is already very gratifying :)

I make new versions quite often, because there's always something that can be improved. Stay tuned!
*imma add the link to the website in the main post, that could be useful lol*
Level 5
May 1, 2008
Juice Dj0z, I dont really have the feeling of being in a movie like that. What about you made like a king in the cities or something? And then some of them ran away, once they came down on low hp. Would make a feeling of an actor whos a COWARD! ^^
Level 30
Feb 5, 2009
I don't think you understand that playing a game with a movie experience implies that you still have control over units and/or characters. To me, it's about as close to a movie as I care to have, because if it got any more like a movie, it would take away a lot of the control of the game, making it pointless to play. As that is not the case, leave well enough alone.
Level 14
Dec 18, 2007
I like it. Its quite a decent game. A few suggestions though :)

Holy Well can be played by a player? When someone played it, that guy said he couldn't do anything and left... Thats kinda weird/lame -_-
Also, since those Spellbooks contain passive spells, it doesn't matter whether the players see them. Use the Trigger Player- Disable Ability (Disable the spellbook, they can't open it but the units still can use the passive). That way, you can also ignore the tooltips XD

Also, I don't seem to be able to level the skills of the Colossus... What's wrong? The leveller should allow me to level my skills correct? Then why can't I do so :(
The leveller has no skill points, thus making me unable to level those skills.
Also, when I tried Stygian to see Diabolic Edict (XD), I found out that the Colossus does not even have the skill in its Menu... What's wrong?

The Pillars of Light are godlike, without destroying those other pillars, the one it is channeled upon is a crazily powerful thing :S. I would also suggest you pause the animation (Set animation speed to 0%) of the Light Dome so it looks more like a static dome.

What seems to be the problem for revival? Is the system bugged like crazy? Believe me, I know how that feels like, nearly made me abandon a map :(. I could give advice you need any :D

Overall, a rather good map. Keep up the good work :D
PS: Maybe add an option to skip the cinematic, maybe a voting system
Level 10
Oct 16, 2008
Nice, some feedback ^^
*However Zack im sad you had a bad test game, because it seems you were very unlucky on this one, ill explain why.

@T-s-g well maybe cutscenes, terrain, detailed animations and large camera travels ain't enough for you yet, but don't worry i have alot of additional ideas to improve that feeling.
Thx Wazzz for the support :)

Okay here we go Zack:
--The Holy Well is a player, with many spell, mostly support ones, and thats all.
It also has 4 powerful towers which serve as elite guards near the center.
->What happened to the impatient/blind dude who was playing the Well is that he didnt ever even click on the Well, to notice it's an actual unit, Or during the 3 minutes before the enemies arrive (so that humans can setup a defense) he got bored and left.

--About the passives in spellbooks, they are there so the player knows he has them!
How can you tell you have a damage aura, a bash, evasion, such things, if you cannot see them in your hero lol.

--About the leveler and colossi skills, its as simple as that: the leveler is an extension of your hero.
Reason: a hero can only have 5 hero skills (thx blizzard >.>)
Solution: you have a "dummy hero" called the Leveler that you use to level up your extra hero skills (the ones in the spellbooks). And voila \o/
Of course they use the same skillpoints which means if you instantly level something up in your actual hero anytime he levels up, of course you will never have spare points in your leveler lulz :p

--About Diabolic edict, it is simply in the 2nd spellbook of the stygian colossus, right next to the default spellbook that any colossus has :p
By the way, this spellbook uses its own leveler, which is the 3rd "hero icon" that popped up when you evolved :) That allows one single hero to hang around with 5+5+3 = 13 spells ^^ (potentially, and not counting the "management" ones like "summon army").

--The static dome is uglier than you think :( i will make the domes more easily noticeable in later versions though.

--There is no revival system at all atm :> colossi just don't revive (for now), and humans can revive at any of their portals, for free. Yea they better have a backup portal somewhere safe, but i will fix that too later.

Now that you know how to find and use your spell, enjoy it :D
Level 1
Apr 24, 2009

Not to long ago I played an earlier version (.50 something) kil'jaedeon was controlled by the AI while I was playing the collosi and he was summoning troops, ALOT of troops and I thought it would be awesome to play as it when it came out. Then when I played this latest version I was really dissapointed to see that I could only have like a max of 7 troops, though I will give you that they are strong but I was really looking forward to just being able to summon lots of troops quickly to aid my allies instead of relying on spells with just a couple troops. I think it would be a better idea if kil'jaedon earned XP slowly but every time he levels up he gains maybe a new ability or the ability to summon a different troop... know what I mean?
Level 10
Oct 16, 2008
Umm first, if you summon KJ's genuine troops (the romozaurs), you can have 10 of them.

But Yea i can understand what u mean.
Point is,
-i've been kinda forced to reduce the overall amount of units around the map, in order to limit the lag for everyone. It proved succesfull, and thats one of the reasons why KJ's troops had a facelift.
-i also thought that if he was able to summon badass fatties (as in, strong and expensive) like the Colossi, he would be more prone to summoning strong units himself, and maybe letting his uber minions summon smaller troops for themselves (like the Colossi do, ya know).

I hope you'll agree with that, but if you don't, the best thing is to post this kind of suggestion-type feedback straight in the official forums of the map, the link being in the main post of this thread. I check them out at least twice a day, and the viability of updates is actively discussed there.
*This map, anyways, is a beta, and that means almost nothing in it is really built in stone, if you know what i mean. I can always change things around as long as the very global gameplay, map performance (in lag terms mostly), and filesize can support it.

You seem to like the Kil'Jaeden slot fairly enough, and i would be happy to hear more of what you can suggest for him. Not many people are suggesting anything solid for him yet.
See ya.
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Level 10
Oct 16, 2008
When I was reading about I thought of "Shadow of the Colossus". Game sounds cool I might download it later and try.

That is justified: SotC is a good part of what inspired me into making this. Though i never actually played it myself, i had been expecting its release and i watched alot of videos because i really liked its concept and atmosphere.

When you've tried CC please make sure to let me know what you think about it, especially if you know SotC well.
Level 2
Oct 28, 2009
i played, and beat SoTC and in my personal opinion, i didnt understand the storyline much, all i got was that i had to save someone, but didnt understand why i had to kill a series of giants. from what i saw there was virtually no dialog so i found it kinda boring... but i will test CC soon or tomarrow and give you my opinion from all the comments it looks really fun and look forward to testing

after testing i found that some colossi dont even understand what to do by the time the angels come, and by then most have given up trying to explain what to do if they dont understand by then, so i dont know if it was just some incompitent players or something but.... and maby the relics could have some ability? or the possability of delaying the arrival of the angels? and maby you could make the angels killable but extreamly hard to do so. so that if there are some people who can kill them then the humans wont have to just hold off and wait for reinforcements, but when the holy help comes make the colossi killable?
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Level 10
Oct 16, 2008
i played, and beat SoTC and in my personal opinion, i didnt understand the storyline much, all i got was that i had to save someone, but didnt understand why i had to kill a series of giants. from what i saw there was virtually no dialog so i found it kinda boring... but i will test CC soon or tomarrow and give you my opinion from all the comments it looks really fun and look forward to testing

Is that so? Well i never played SotC myself, but i always feared that if ever i play it, i find it too boring because of too rare action.
I mean, it's theme is about something else than raw battle, all fine, okay.

But sometimes you wish you could just roam around avoiding massive evil attacks coming from all sides and even from over your head, under your feet or even outta nowhere, and you'd be supposed to somehow defend something important from all this madness...
So, well, i ended up making Chaos Colossus.
From what you've said in your comment, the lack of storyline of SotC and the unexisting dialog are problems you won't find in CC, so i have good confidence that you'll like it.

Look forward for version 0.70 which will come with many user-friendly, smoothess, clearness (if that word exists) and gameplay polishing improvements. Simply put, a cleanup.
*Spoiler Alert*

My Ratings value

5/5 for Perfect
4/5 for Really Good
3/5 for Good
2/5 for Fair
1/5 for Bad
0/5 for Horrible
For Overall Rating:
15 - 20 for Perfect/Excellent
10 - 15 for Really Good/Fair
05 - 10 for Bad/No fun
00 - 05 for Horrible/Disgusting
Story:-, it's a basic story, but you could've implemented a better story into the map. I will leave this point blank.

Quests:-, not gonna rate the quests, since there's just one objective, but more objectives would be better.

Combat:3/5, the combat is well i don't really know what to say but it's fun:D Yet not satisfying.

Sounds/effects/skills/Models/Skins:3/5, well you used custom models, that's a plus and some sounds,etc. but you should use smaller models the next time because 3mb could take long to download in Also the wall block model doesn't really look good.

Terrain:3/5, the terrain is fine, except there are some spots which are made very quickly and they look ugly.

Gameplay/Fun factor4/5, well it is in some ways "original", but like i said before, some side objectives would be nice:)

Bugs/Hive Description factorN/A, the hive description is acceptable. etc. you have not broken any of the hive rules.

Overall:13/20, well that's a normal rating, i don't usually give such a high rating, but i guess this map deserves it. So right now my suggestions are:
-Improve the terrain, it doesn't look good at some spots
-Maybe some more side objectives
-Some of the models don't look good, maybe you should use other ones.
-The game is hard to understand the first time, so maybe you should improve the starting tutorial

But i'm sure that with each map and each update, you will improve your skills. Good luck:)
13/20: Fair
Comment: "...Original in some ways..."
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Level 30
Feb 5, 2009
Yea vengeance, look at what he posted and tell me if any part of that was helpful. Is it not true that flamers and trollers generally don't last long in the hiveworkshop? Therefore, how is making a simple statement that is 100% accurate and right on the money unfair? I don't care if it sounds mean, it isn't unfair, and therefore it is entirely appropriate.

I'm surprised to see R.g's post is still there. If he has any sense of decency, he would remove it before a mod catches sight of it.
Level 10
Oct 16, 2008
0.74 is out, enjoy :)
It comes with major changes especially for the Defenders, who long awaited that gameplay & balance overhaul.

EDIT: Actually, 0.75 comes completing the recent overhaul, by making the Domes actually repel chaos efficiently.
Also fixes the most common glitches that used to annoy the players sometimes.

v0.76 brings many gameplay and cosmetics improvements, and makes the Well more active than before.
I've already received much positive feedback on this one. Check it out!
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Level 7
Dec 28, 2009
Awesome map, Heres a Review:

Awesome map :p it should be higher rating.

Although It is not perfect so... let me rate this map!

I played as Colossus and defender :p I played the defender mostly (The one which could build towers)

First method of rating:

1) Terrain - Excellent (4)
The terrain is awesome, it is very good texture. To get a better rating for this get a few more custom doodads and maybe make special effects like rain and sunlight etc :p

2) Fun factor/gameplay - Ecellent (4.5)
The game-play of the game is Excellent although there is missing. You Need to add something just to boost it up to 5.

3) Single player - Bad (1)
Single player is really bad because there is no AI support.

4) AI support - Horrible (0)
There is no AI support :( that part gets a 0

5) Originality - Excellent (5)
This map is very original and unique as it is a one of a kind defend the well map.

6) File Size - Reasonable (3)
File size is a bit on the small side (This means you have alot of room for improvement) But overall, the file size is reasonable.

7) Internet/LAN Friendly - Excellent (5)
Works very well over LAN and Internet, as it does not crash for random reasons.

8) Balancing - Excellent (4)
You balance this game excellently. As mentioned above, the idea is too defend or destroy the well inside the time limit. As far as I saw nearly everything around the map was balanced although a few towers when fully upgraded might own a few of the units if there are only like one or two attacking that tower.

9) Credits - Excellent (5)
You list the credits very well and list all the people/beta testers good job.

10) Theme - Excellent (5)
Defend the well very very original.

11) Description/Information/Detail - good (4)
add a youtube video to the description to make it good and maybe an upcoming update log.

12) Hiveworkshop rules & regulation - Good (5)
Fits all Hiveworkshop Rules!

Overall top rating (45.5/60)

Second method of rating:

Game-play [4/5]:
The game-play of the game is Excellent although there is missing. You Need to add something just to boost it up to 5.

Balance [4/5]:
You balance this game excellently. As mentioned above, the idea is too defend or destroy the well inside the time limit. As far as I saw nearly everything around the map was balanced although a few towers when fully upgraded might own a few of the units if there are only like one or two attacking that tower.

Visuals [3/5]:
The visuals of the game, the look and feel is just average. From what I see there are not many custom models or anything like that for buildings, creeps and towers (Get some it would make this map epic) As for the Terrain that is just awesome, it is very good texture. To get a better rating for this get a few more custom doodads(like 1 or 2 here and there) and maybe make special effects like rain and sunlight etc :p

Usefulness of the map [4/5]:
Other then a couple of tweaks and fixes, I would share this game to anyone who enjoys a slow type of keep the hero alive. If you work out a few more tweaks, I am sure you will get a higher grade. This map is very useful/fun.

Other Points [3/5]:
While the idea of the game is very good and suits the map well, although it still has alot of things that could be done to make it look, feel and even be more enjoyable all over. Although on a good point there are no bugs within the game that I have actually found. Overall the game is working, has no bugs and just a few customization issues in need to make it a 5/5 star map.

Stuff to add in future (-3.5):
  • Add AI support, it is a bit hard to get a full house sometimes (IT would be good to chuck a few AI to fill up the spots, especially if you are playing LAN or single player.)
  • Add custom voices for cinametic at start
  • Add Custom background music it seems dull
  • Add custom models for heroes, buildings, upgrades and units etc
  • Add Special effects like snow/rain or sunlight

18/25 (from above)
minus 3.5 for the stuff you need to add to make it better
Overall Bottom Rating(15.5/25)

Overall with a few tweaks this will be an awesome map,
Lag_Reviews :p

PS: Nice loading screen, custom gameplay, Also loved the number of upgrades there were in the map! Keep up the good work and i'm sure this map will become huge!

PSS: This is a total different review from your other map.
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Oct 16, 2008
Thanks for reviewing, buddy :) even though you forgot to update some fields when you pasted the review you made for Rival Dynasties into here :D

Awesome map :p it should be higher rating.

Although It is not perfect so... let me rate this map!

Please Note: I played ffa and kings + units + buildings

Like this point for instance lol. It made me think you had posted in the wrong thread at first :p.
You might wanna rewrite those parts so i know really what you think of Chaos Colossus.
So actually, what did you play, Defender or Colossus (or the Well or Kil'Jaeden)?
Level 6
Mar 26, 2008
I've read the descriprions and I find it interesting, though I don't like such type of maps.
And is there any weapons for humans to match their anamies?
You know, like a veeery big crossbow - human "mount" it and use, but cannot move until unmount.