[General] How to make a colossus?

Level 10
Nov 5, 2008
In SC2 there is a unit called Colossus. It is a really tall unit that counts as both a ground and air unit. It can be attacked by melee units aswell by air-to-air attacks. Since it is both a ground and air unit, it can move over all units and buildings in the game.

Is that possible to make in the TFT-editor?
Level 25
Aug 18, 2009
Units with the ability 'Ghost' (Agho) do not cause collision for other units but still consider the collision of others. Trigger action Unit - Turn Collision On/Off can do the counterpart but the unit will also ignore terrain pathing and other pathing maps then. Still the unit/owner will need some sight, else the path finding of normal movement will still try to circumvent "obstacles". 'Windwalk' (AOwk) is like double-sided 'Ghost' and keeps pathing textures, however turns the unit invisible.

For the combat question, just add both "ground" and "air" tag as combat flags to your unit.


Code Reviewer
Level 26
Mar 19, 2008
About first question; You can change unit's type to air and manipulate it's height to prevent it from "levitating". There are probably some gameplay constants which handle the maximum and minimum height value. If you find them, set the minimum to 0 and stick with standard ground-unit Movement statistic in unit object editor (leaving the Movenet - Type set to Flying).