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[Spell] Buff overwrites another

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Hello guys, you all know the spell Roar.

Let's say that we create a new custom ability based on Roar and name it Crap and we create a custom buff based on the Roar buff with a different name, icon and art.
The new custom spell named Crap adds armor points based on the old Roar spell while Roar adds bonus damage points.
When a unit receives the effect of Crap while he has the effect of Roar it messes up everything and the unit will only have the second buff (which overwrites the first buff) instead of two.
Is there a way to make the unit receive both buffs when one spell is a custom spell based on the other?
(this is not about bonus armor or bonus attack points).

Thank you.
Level 15
Mar 25, 2016
Simple answer: No
In warcraft you cannot have multiple buffs from the same base ability(roar). It is really buggy and you should avoid it. Maybe you can use Howl of Terror. It has similar fields.


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Jul 29, 2008
Unfortunately, you are running up against one of the great frustrations for OE modders like myself; Buffs Don't Stack*. In any given project, only one version of a buffing ability can be used**, since multiple versions that have the same targets will overwrite each other.

*The only exceptions to this, currently known so far, are Auras (especially Tornado Slow Aura, very useful)..... aaand Cloud (from the Alliance Dragonhawk Rider) (this last one is so far unprecedented & very exciting, see below).

**There are some workarounds for this; for example, if you change targets you can have two versions of a buffed ability in one project.

No, that's why custom Buff Systems were born at first place.
The only stacking abilities except auras, are to unreliable and mostly destructive/position bound: Just to call some - Blizzard/Cloud/Flamestrike/Rain of Fire/...
#1: Really? Those AoE channeling DPS abilities stack with each other? Even the ones with buffs?
#2: You mention Cloud so offhandedly, yet not only is it insanely useful (lots of interesting data fields that work), but it's also only just recently been discovered. Unless, of course... How long have you known about that?
1: Really? Those AoE channeling DPS abilities stack with each other? Even the ones with buffs?
Blizzard-Spell does, tested it more deep recently for the Google doc Ability Insight recently started.
Short: DpS-Buff stacks if different ones or none insert, Wave damage is the same. if none unlimted stacking of dmg but only 1 buff.
DpS is the simple Blizzard-Buff, Wave the "Caster" one.
Rain of fire is a copy paste of Blizzard. where "Area" ="Caster".

Rain of Fire/Flamestrike known for years to me, but well unreliable Rain hardcoded 0.65 seconds delay, flamestrike postion bound.
This cloud thing is new didn't use it that often.

Here my test map showing Flame strike can apply 2 Buffs at the same time and Blizzard too.
(The baisc mage units have the flamestrikes)
Archmages have blizzard 1/2 Paladin has Blizzard 3.

Multiple Lizzard Buffs.jpg





  • Test bash Krit Blizzard Flamestrike 2.w3x
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