Brutality Arena v2.3a

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An arena that you pick a hero from the 18 Heroes available for now and fight for the honor of your team. You have an option to level up in the center where the creeps are spawned or on the top or bottom bridge where forces of Footmen or Riflemen are spawned. Killing other players will provide you gold. There are 14 items and 20 recipes that are pretty cheap and the game doesn't relay on them like other Arenas or AoS maps. For more info when you start playing check the Quest Section.
Every Hero has 4 spells which have 3 levels and Attribute Bonus. Not all spells are triggered, but a good amount of them are. You cannot pick the same Hero as some other player so there could be more variety. You might find some Heroes to imbalanced, but for every Hero there is an Anti one that totally pwns his ass. The Map features Quake 3 Arena sounds (or at least they were extracted from there ) like "Quad Damage", "Excellent", "Denies Bitch!" and others. There will be spawning runes in the center of the arena that will probably play huge role during the melee. The Heroes aren't the cliche Humans or Night Elves and stuff - they feature a Gnoll, a Sludge, a Faceless One, Dragonspawn and others. The Game now has a Random Heroes Mode -rh


1.0 : First Release
1.1 : Fixed a serious Spell Issue/ Some Balances
1.2 : Quick name Hotfix
1.3 : Attribute balances and XP rate fix
1.4 : Re-did terrain and range of heroes.
1.5 : added random heroes mode and fixed some buggz
1.5a : Fixed Bug
1.6 : Fixed creeps, Item bug + tower bounty
1.7 : Fixed the bug that allows you to pick 2 heroes
1.8 : Fixed the regeneration "fountains"
1.9 : Added 2 new heroes
2.0 : Fixed some bugs/Balanced some Stuff/Increased starting gold
2.1 : Some Tower Changes

2.3a : New Recipes, Items, Bug Problems fixed

If you have any suggestions comment on the map, saying what they are and I will consider adding them here and updating the map with them later.

Comments and reviews are appreciated!!!

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Brutality Arena v2.3a (Map)

17:36, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 2
Mar 9, 2005
Just a few suggestions:
-Game starts getting laggy as it gets longer, there must be some leaks
-Also i destroyed top right keep and units on that side still were spawning
-You should remove wisps for players that are not playing
-Add in random hero
-Possibly make creeps stronger as game goes on and make hero respawns longer for higher levels or add more bounty for killing them
Level 19
Feb 25, 2009
- team 1 spawns in the team 2 sector, thus its instantly killed by towers
- the hero-selection zone is REALY-FREAKIN-SMALL, better make selection with tavern(s)
- most of heroes spells are not very useful and doesn't fit their theme
- some of the heroes are way too OP
- TOWERS ARE FREAKIN' OP (150 chaos damage, 2000 hitpoints?)
- loading screen is .. empty?
- description here in HIVE is .. a bit small ..
- runes sometimes spawns on the hills and you just can't fly to pick them up D:

+ Umm lets say.. fix the heroes.. give the arena room for big team-battles, remove the computer creeps and add only neutrals for fast grinding..
+ Better make some more interesting tooltip descriptions.. this white thing is killing me.. + More items as well as more heroes with some extra-models and spells won't hurt..
+ Modes, and not only hero-picking modes.. allow the host to choose Team-Mode or Free-For-All modes, where players can play as a team or against everybody..

Other than that, just an typical arena with 10 heroes and an aeon of strife thingie in the middle of everything which completly kills the arena type of gameplay, which realy makes me feel bad about most of maps which are mostly based on AoS.

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Level 5
Apr 10, 2009
1.4 is the buggt version... 1.5 doesn't spawn you in the other team's base. Also there is an item that can blink you so the runes on the top can be obtained. Towers are NOT overpowered - with 3 creeps a tower can go down. More Heroes ARE coming and also new items are ready - I just have to update the map here.
Level 15
Dec 18, 2007
Fairly good map, although it isn't an "arena" anymore. From what I see, I see an AoS. It's very different from the one shown in the video and, IMO, the video's gameplay seems faster and more exciting. Now, I'm just getting blocked by the creeps and the narrow lanes.

A bug. I managed to get 2 heroes somehow. I dunno how, but attached a replay for your reference.

As forementioned, the abilities could fit to the theme more. It would be better to fix the current heroes before working on new ones.

I would also suggest looking at this tutorial. Arrange the hero icons better so it looks more professional.

The current version is 1.6, but the spawn bug still occurs. Please fix it quick.


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Level 4
Mar 29, 2009
I think what the problem is, is that people are use to items deciding the game rather than the heroes. The whole point of items is to give one team an advantage. Instead you have it so whoever rushes the stronger heroes wins. The game should be decided by hero power but rather item power. That is just my opinion.