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Beach Sand-Stone

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Photo tile

Beach Sand-Stone (Texture)

Would you mind crediting the author or provide a link from where the image was taken from?
Its free dude...Oh man

Is there a legal issue i made a tile from a photograph?

Ok. let it go to substandard

But just to inform you bro that my method is not to totaly alter the texture, its to make a tile most similar to its source. Since wc3 tiling system cuts an image into 32 pieces and destroy its structure

So you guys have to change that rule considering tiles, the point is to make it as similar to its source...

That or try change kantarion (impossible man) xD
It's only honourable to credit things that you do not make yourself. What if someone will find other photos from the same source useful for some project?
That is correct. But i must be honest, i dont have any idea where i download it, i just know it was free, since i dont buy stuff...

If this is a problem, then ill take care in future to link a source ok? (since i try make a structure similar to its source, if my skills allows me depending how hard the structure is and how skilled i am at the moment)

So basically at the end, i woulnt mind if moderator or you take down this one and delete. I dont like realistic stuff anyways xD
Level 6
Apr 18, 2023
Amazing work! Great! But there is a small issue, it appears as white on the mini map and doesn't look coordinated! But no matter what, I really like it!


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