Awakening of the Depths

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Sunreaver Presents

Rage of the Depths
Created by Sunreaver

Map Info:
Thanks pandino for making a sunken ruin like map. So that u can fight amphibious battles in the ocean using the vile Naga.


The Naga Race

  • Unique Items
  • starting troops are weaker but in later game they turn deadly so focus economics first
  • Units are amphibious
Tips: I suggest u focus economics and get to the last tier town quickly so u can get trong troops quickly
Reavers are weak but when upgraded knife grace they turn deadly with life stealing attacks
Spellcasters are deadly but far more fragile so use them carefully

Some else stuff about map:

This map is not protected
4 powerful heroes: Priestess of the Tides, Tidebaron, Conjurer & Anomaly



Change Log:

  • 67Chrome to credits
  • xxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hardened Skin from Turtle
  • xxxxxxxxxx
  • xxxxxxxxxx
  • Dragon Turtle Stats
  • Priestess of the Tides no food cost
  • Tidal Elemental can walk in water now
  • Change the Dragon Turtle stats
  • Goblin Shipyards are now Goblin Tradehouse which sells both ships and zepps
  • Naga Race can only be choose now by selecting Night Elf

Misha, Kobas, Darkfang, Cakemaster, Ujimasa Hojo, Edge45, Blizzard Entertaiment, pandino, Sindorei300, Hienvers, 67Chrome

Author's notes:

Feel free to edit, upload and use anywhere
Notice this is pandino(SunkenTemple)
All my maps have more Gold Mine gold increase
Food limit in all my maps is 150
Please know that random hero will not work with new heroes
To play as Naga choose any race, Night Elf race is suggested because it has some custom UI, Cursor, rally flag and etc.

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-

Naga Azshara Sea Ocean Map Sunreaver Tidebaron Conjurer Vashj Lady Snake Serpent

Awakening of the Depths (Map)

StoPCampinGn00b 1:19, 9th Feb 2015 Map Moderated - Awakening of the Depths Review Post - My Review[tr] Verdict - Approved, 3/5




1:19, 9th Feb 2015
Review Post - My Review
Verdict - Approved, 3/5
Map Moderated - Awakening of the Depths
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Level 12
May 11, 2014
Great you finaly release it , it look awesome and it is a good adition to altered melee . So what is your next project ?
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
Not really a good map. The race itself looks great and the abilities seem fantastic though I couldn't test the balance of the race. The AI is unable to attack me because they do not buy any transport ship and have no access to zeppelins to attack me. Flying units never attack as well so I can just build my army in total peace and attack when I will. Then, even if the AI could buy ships and zeppelins, I could ensnare them with my myrmidons and destroy them. As a result, the entire enemy army would be killed at once.
The template you chose is inadequate for playing in single player. Even in multiplayer, the naga race would still have the advantage of swimming in water so the whole race is unbalanced in this map. The only thing I can tell you to do is removing ensnare from the myrmidons and let zeppelins be available for the AI, not transport ships as they are not bought and used.
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013
Sorry for the misunderstanding, but the quality isn't there so that's the reason to reject this for now. Yes, the spells are hyper unbalanced. Hopefully you don't mind me giving an opinion on a few.

- Rapid Floods can insta-kill Hyrdras. I don't know the exact damage, but not even a hero in melee has an ability that has that kind of damage. Even with the long cooldown, it is plain unfair to use against players that have fought strategically and having a valuable unit being killed in a second or two.
- The Dragon turtle with that trio of abilities is a walking tank. The reduction of 12 damage from melee units is extremely powerful, especially for a range unit. Adding on to that, devour is OP in it's self already. The Orc's kodos weren't too powerful themselves so it somewhat made up for it. Also, having a 30% damage return to melee attacks is just enough to call the turtle broken.
- Take a look at your casters, then take a look at other race casters. What you have here are abilities more suiting for heroes. Song of the siren is like howl of terror, all three spells of the storm caller are powerful offensive spells,

Anyway, there are a few more than that I can classify as imbalanced, but those I've listed are overpowered.

It isn't just the abilities though. Shadow Fury listed major problems with the map affecting other races, and I don't think you can fix them while sticking to this map.
Last edited:
Level 32
Apr 2, 2013


Like the majority of altered melee maps featuring one new race, implementing a customized naga race has been done before. How was it done here? There are some great visuals (models, terrain, spells, decorations) along side with not so generic units and abilities. There is a drawback that some players may be disappointed in, however. It's the lack of any AI of any race being able to play in the map.​
First things first, the race is fully functioning. It follows the base techtrees and stats other races have, but isn't a replica of other races and it strays away far enough from the preset naga race. Units have been nerfed from previous versions but naga is still on the stronger side due to the amphibious mobility and the cheap tactic of casting abilities on enemies from water. Whether it may be more entertaining or not, units have some powerful offensive abilities in this map that are somewhat compensated. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's something to look out for in terms of balance vs entertainment.

Geographically and recourse wise, the map is balanced but lacks building space for extensive building. Other melee components like creep camps and their drops were done fairly. Player favorites taverns and goblin merchants are nowhere to be found, but it isn't unacceptable to not include them.

If the AI isn't edited, the map can still be played with AI if goblin laboratories were placed on starting location islands as default melee AI will buy zeppelins out of the goblin laboratories but not in customized shops.

All in all, the gameplay of the map features custom and imported content default naga doesn't include, but lacks AI and balance.
The map's terrain and decorations looked excellent. Even the height leveling and cliff usage were used in great amounts. There simply is a nice mix of tropical colors throughout the map

Other visuals such as the interface and custom models and spells helped add some flavor to the map. Sure, you didn't create these things but you did a good job picking things out that looked spiffy.
It would be helpful to add a version number to the map title. Also, you have something contradicting each other in the map description. It states "To play as Naga choose any race, Night Elf race is suggested because it has some custom UI, Cursor, rally flag and etc." in author's notes while it states "Naga Race can only be choose now by selecting Night Elf" in the changelog.​
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Level 2
May 16, 2013
• Can not play naga when only one player is involved.
• Wisp image for naga workers.
• Conjurer's spells are so weird. Water minion is untargetable and uncontrolable. It may seem fresh, but usually summoning spells are used for action and often for multitask. Like Far seer's Wolf spirits and Beast master's Quilbeast. Astral illusion allows to get any unit's image. Mind control allows to get items from creeps. Also it allows to get heroes, that seems to count like a hero summoning, despite it disappears.
• Conjurer's Astral Illusion spell has the same picture as Dark ranger's Charm.
• Stormcaller's spells based on lightning. Someone says lightning is related to shamanism, not Highbornes magic.
• You should be careful with a non-hero spells, that make a direct damage.
Level 17
Aug 22, 2013
This is because u can choose as Ne and if u change it Night Elf worker will have wisp icon.
The water minion is like that
The astral illusion icon is charm icon because i want it to be
The Naga are masters of all magic and Highborne too
I know the multiplayer issues i don't know how to fix it if u want multiplayer version PM me thank u for your review.