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Astrall II

Astrall II

is a single player RPG map.

Story Intro:

"Heroes are coming home, Years ago they left the town of Stonecliff to walk the wide world as champions of the astrall kingdom. But Stonecliff is not as they left it. Something dark and terrifying has ensnared the lands around the town, something very ancient and powerful, corrupting people and plaguing the land itself."


  • Astrall - The Darkening. [v0.2]
  • Astrall II - For Blood And Honor [v1.2]
  • 2 classes (Guardian and Mystic).
  • 2 difficulty levels (Normal and Hard).
  • Boss Encounters
  • Quests, Cinematics, Story and unique dark atmosphere.
  • 3rd person view and movement system.
  • Over 100 custom models and skins.
  • Item System and Item Recipe System.


This map is protected.

For more information, updates and discussion visit:








(14/06/2011) Astrall - The Darkening[v0.1]
-> First release, please report any bugs if you find any.
-> I know that camera sometiems gets inside "stuff", it cant be fixed, there is nothing i can do about it.

(24/06/2011) Astrall - The Darkening [v0.2]
-> Added more monsters.
-> Cinematics are now shorter.
-> Reduced HP of Verox The fallen Champion.
-> Lord Ashbury's class was renamed to The Corruptor.
-> Amount of gold droped from monsters has been increased from 50 to 60.
-> Added more speach lines to NPCs.
-> Fixed some grammar mistakes.

(21/08/2011) Astrall II - For Blood And Honor [v1.0]
-> Astrall II - For Blood And Honor is made from scratch and replaced Astrall - The Darkening. It doesn’t continue the story of my previous map, it is more like a revamp on that part.

(16/09/2011) Astrall II - For Blood And Honor [v1.1]
-> Guardian class in now enabled.
-> Fixed some bugs.
-> Seron the dragon now properly summons adds.
-> Gold reward for quest rewards has been increased.
-> Gold now drops from Bosses.

(26/10/2011) Astrall II - For Blood And Honor [v1.2]
-> Fixed some item tooltips.
-> Added new skill to the Grimoire of Knowlage, "Tradebox" - Throws Tradebox on the ground for 15 seconds, allwoing unit to sell items.
-> Added Elite mob in hidden area of the map.
-> Fixed Hotkey for the Guardian's "Bladefury" spell.

-> "High-Res Doodad Pack & Expansion" by Born2Modificate hosted at http://www.wc3c.net
-> "Levigeorge1617's Footman" by levigeorge1617
-> "Vampire Combatant" by Dionesiist
-> "SkeletonLord" by levigeorge1617
-> "Arch Angel - Elenai" by Arch Angel
-> "Skeleton Fire Warior Mage" by HappyTauren
-> "Power Lich" by HappyTauren
-> "Lurker" by Ampharos_222
-> "Ballista" by HappyTauren
-> "OrcMailbox" by karland90
-> "Wall" by - Illidan(evil)x
-> "Elven Boots" by Matarael
-> "Gloves of Speed" by Matarael
-> "Item - GoldCoins" by Tr!KzZ
-> "Item Shield" by Tr!KzZ
-> "Item Sword" by Tr!KzZ
-> "Large Blue Potion" by General Frank
-> "Large Green Potion" by General Frank
-> "Large Purple Potion" by General Frank
-> "Small Yellow Potion" by General Frank
-> "Orb of Fire" by General Frank
-> "Orb of Ice" by General Frank
-> "Orb of Poison" by General Frank
-> "Ancient Explosion SFX" by WILLTHEALMIGHTY
-> "DarkStar" by Kitabatake
-> "IceHammer" by DonDustin
-> "SpinFX" by Waldbaer
-> "Fill-Me-Up Treasure Chest" by Chriz
-> "Questionmark" by Kahiera and Scythy Dervish
-> "CloudOfFolg" by JetFangInferno
-> "Wall" by Illidan(Evil)X
-> "Cyclon Explosion" by Suselishe
-> "Holy" by JetFangInferno
-> "RunningFlame_Aura" by sPy
-> "Deathfire_Projectile" by sPy
-> "Magic Missile" by shamanyouranus
-> "AcidMissile" by shamanyouranus
-> "Volcano Ashes" by PeeKay
-> "Fear" by shamanyouranus
-> "Sin" by Thrikodius
-> "Market Stand [Variation3]" by Ribenamania
-> "Runeshelf" by AlienAtSystem
-> "Bridge of Hope" by Shadow_killer
-> "Hooked Peasant" by Sephiroth_VII
-> "Child Corpse Sitting" by chilla_killa
-> "Porcupine" by Kitabatake
-> "Bag Item" by Kitabatake
-> "Pickaxe" by Fan
-> "Slasher Sword" by Ampharos_222
-> "Snake Wrapped Sword" by Usedwell
-> "Sulfuras" by Shamanyouranus and Mr.Goblin
-> "Thebandit's_Shield" by eubz
-> "DemonicSword" by Gottfrei
-> "Staff of Ages" by Usedwell
-> "GoldOre" by Ergius
-> "SilverOre" by Ergius
-> "IronOre" by Ergius
-> "Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker" by debode
-> "Mage Wand" by Sunchips
-> "MaulOfStrength" by Thrikodius
-> "Vampire Sword" by Tr!KzZ
-> "Odd Sword" by HappyTauren
-> "Frostmourne" by inico
-> "Fist of the Deity" by shiiK
-> "Katar" by Hamsta
-> "Warglaive of Azzinoth" by Deolrin
-> "Carrack" By Mr. Bob
-> "Tudor Caravel" by Mr. Bob
-> "Duck" by Stanakin Skywalker
-> "Shadow Dragon" by Thrikodius
-> "Villager Woman" by Cavman
-> "Male villager variation" by Dan van Ohllus
-> "VillagerMan1" by Aquis
-> "Carrion Crow" by Pyramidhe@d
-> "InquisitorMalendis" by Sellenisko

-> "DemonUI" by Unwirklich
-> "Death Guard" by CloudWolf
-> "Returned" by 67chrome
-> "ReturnedArcher" by 67chrome
-> "ReturnedMage" by 67chrome
-> "ZombieA.blp" by Kazzo

-> "Diablo II - Tristram" by Matt Uelmen
-> "Diablo II - Cave" by Matt Uelmen
-> "Diablo II - Wilderness" by Matt Uelmen
-> Immediate Music - Strength & Honor

-> Movement System by Smith_S9

Not all credits are here, ill update this soon.

Astrall The Darkening, Astrall, Darkening, Dark, RPG, Igor, igor4ever, WC3, advanture, dark, blood, honor, boss, hero, ORPG.

Astrall II (Map)

19:21, 24th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved Comment
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
Review by Ironside

Positive features:

- Dialogs instead of typing
- Good terrain
- Attracts the player to play the game quite well
- The environment behaves well (conversations, walking, ...)

Negative features:

- The map size is really big (not that it matters for single player, but still)
- It would be good if you could skip the cinematics
- The dialogs should be a little faster
- Some things are probably not intended to run more times, for example I got the first quest message 2 times

Additional Information / Conclusion:

I definitely see something big in this project, however there are some things that could be better. Good luck.

Rating: 4/5
Vote for:

Level 3
Nov 15, 2010
Ill give this terrain a 70/5, its pretty good, but gold was rather useless, I never had to go back to town as the guardsmen, gonna try the vampire now lol.

Some display errors with the tooltips, nothing that grave, but could use a bit more polish (the skills i mean)


There are 2 classes, not a lot, one of them is even disabled right now, but the playable one, Mystic, is a lot of fun. (pretty perverted)
The hero has 3 custom spells, very flashy and somewhat creative, with amazing special effects and one default spell, but that one is still useful.
There are also enemy encounters, meaning they all of a sudden come out of the ground, like zombies and also skeletons with some voice acting actually (although copied from another game).
The quest system is also neat, you don't have to watch a whole cutscene just to get a simple quest.
The keybinding is also nice, the spells hotkeys' are QWER.
The amount of items sold by merchants is also astoundings and there are also attachment models!


The terrain and atmosphere are just amazing, you've used a lot of custom models, the environment looks very realistic, there are ambience noises, weather effects, a lot of movement in the player's surrounding, mages casting spells, people burning corpses, ...


There's voice acting (sort of, from other games though), a custom cursor, a custom font, and a custom soundtrack. However a custom UI would have been nice, like the one used in the Diablo 3 Warcraft map. (it's open source)
Also how about removing the exclamation mark above a quest giver's head when you've received his quest(s)?


It's almost perfect, needs some polishing here and there, but overall a very enjoyable and nice looking RPG.

Rating: 4/5
Really nice terrain and an atmospheric weather system. Items and spells/effects are also well made. :thumbs_up:
Quest are nothing special but ok. What is missing most at the moment is some kind of backpack to put in not needed loot, so you can sell it at the village.
The 3rd person camera really sucks. The camera doesn't have a height adjustment, goes into the ground and is to close to the hero. Also when pressing up and left/right at the same time, the hero should move diagonal and not stand still and turn. This way you can just move in one direction without stopping to turn. :thumbs_down:
If you want, I can give you a camera system I made, that solves these problems. Just PM me.
In general a nice map with room for improvements (and more conent :wink:).
I give you a 4/5 for now and +rep. Good luck with the map. :)
Level 1
Aug 3, 2009
It's sad how incredible maps and projects like this one are so severely underrated ... *sigh*
Level 9
Apr 20, 2008
Very well done and entertaining. Perhaps the only suggestion I have would be to have the 3rd person over-the-shoulder camera be a little farther away and up, if that makes any sense. I love it but it restricts vision too much as it is.

Level 2
Sep 8, 2011
Tested,and it sure works wonders!!
Well,the graphics were detailed right down to the end.
Besides that,it was immersive and easy to play as well.....
The only downside:too short....
Anyway,I hope to see the next version of it.
Good LUCK!
Level 12
Dec 28, 2008
ok, checking now. Looking forward for new contents though.

edit: reviewing while playing; first off, I must admit that cross "t" letters are making reading really irritating. just the regular ones were ok. And at the very first spots of the game, item purchase tip of potion of magic immunity is wrong, it describes a magic immunity potion in tooltip, but the name says "purchase small healing potion" there, at alchemist reno. terrain, graphix and stuff look awesome though. there are some typos that need to be fixed. resurrection takes too long. hotkey of bladefury (3rd skill of guardian) is not working. gold coins are hard to pick up sometimes. nice weapon attachments. hero is not gaining any experience slaying monsters after level 5, and gathering gold from slaying creeps is really slow, since they don't drop much coins and rarely drop. and from what I see, map is quite short, there are very few landscapes, very few missions and also there isn't even an another town, right?

but keep it improving. graphix look awesome. this might turn to be a pleasing one. promising!
Last edited:
Level 4
May 9, 2010
- the gold model difficult to catch and pick up. Can you add auto pick up system (when hero walking through gold it will pick up it automatically).

- "t" letters really difficult to read, and this font at all doesnt looks nicely.

With the best wishes to this lovely map.
Level 4
Mar 28, 2011
reviewing while playing; first off, I must admit that cross "t" letters are making reading really irritating. just the regular ones were ok. And at the very first spots of the game, item purchase tip of potion of magic immunity is wrong, it describes a magic immunity potion in tooltip, but the name says "purchase small healing potion" there, at alchemist reno. terrain, graphix and stuff look awesome though. there are some typos that need to be fixed. resurrection takes too long. hotkey of bladefury (3rd skill of guardian) is not working. gold coins are hard to pick up sometimes. nice weapon attachments. hero is not gaining any experience slaying monsters after level 5, and gathering gold from slaying creeps is really slow, since they don't drop much coins and rarely drop. and from what I see, map is quite short, there are very few landscapes, very few missions and also there isn't even an another town, right?

but keep it improving. graphix look awesome. this might turn to be a pleasing one. promising!

Thanks for pointing stuff out, ill fix all that in next update, but im not gona change text font because it will reset UI settings and other crap. About map being short, indeed it is... As i said before ill add more content in the future when/if i will have free time to mess around with maps =)

Btw thanks Vengeancekael for making gameplay footage of this map, and respect to everyone who reviewed it.
Level 3
Jun 29, 2008
Really well made map. A few things I dislike though, from what I have gathered:

- Item drops that are not for your class. Kinda useless in a single player RPG, especially since you can't even pick them up and sell them due to class restrictions on pick-up.
- Can't sell items. Well, you can, but you can't carry them to the shop as you will likely have a similar item in your inventory.
- +his +ex+ is di++icul+ +o read, righ+? I think that gets the point across.
- Difficult to tell if an item has actually dropped or not. Often I completely miss that an item has dropped.
Level 2
Sep 22, 2010
got a bug maybe its a bug
i got to lvl 5 and didnt get any exp from creeps lower lvl and higher lvl
weird so i just quited
Downloaded and played...
This map is just awesome!

Just change the "singleplayer ORPG" thing in the description... if it is singleplayed, it cannot be ORPG, can it?

The graphic quality is just amazing, the spell effects are really well made, etc...
Well, getting to the point, let's go to the review, shall we?

[++] Impressive graphic quality: All the custom terrain texture, buildings, water, enviroment and the changing weather just make things really exciting and creepy.
[++] Custom spells: The custom spells for both clases are cool, well made effects and really useful. (all of them)
[++] Custom models: Great models you used out there, the NPC's, the characters and the monster add a dark gorgeous atmosphere to the game.
[+] Crafting system: I liked the simple (dota-like) crafting system you used, makes things very easy to understand, and also the "uncraft" ability is useful when you need a material from a already crafted item.
[+] Epic bosses: Just loved the boss fightings, they are really challenging.
[+] Custom cursor: The customized cursor you used just fits perfectly.
[+-] Bugs: There are some problems in the game, i'll list some I can recall for you out of this review.
[+-] Tooltip errors: I've found some errors in the tooltips, better check them.
[+-] Itens: There are to few itens to buy and craft, but I read what you wrote about adding things in the future, so I hope you'll create more.
[-] Soundtrack: You could use a better music theme.
[-] UI: You really could use a customized UI.
[-] 3th person camera: That camera bugs me... Better to fix its position or just remove it, and you could make a different button to change it, the one it's currently being used could and should be another slot for a spell.
[-] Arrow movement: Another thing that bugs me... Find another arrow movement system, 'cause that one is just annoying to use, you need stop then turn D:
[-] From where the hell came those main quests?: Noticed that my character started the game already knowing about the dragon and that voodoo guy... How the hell did he knew about them? Please, correct me if I'm wrong, but if thats so, you need to create a small intro for the game, it's a singleplayer rpg, there's nothing wrong about a small intro.
[-] Bad looting: Looting is really hard to aquire, and gold is too much rarely droped.
[-] Levelling: The enemy are "neutral hostyle"? 'Cause if they are, you'll need to change it, neutral hostylie does not give exp beyond a certain level, than you just get stuck in the levelling by killing and this makes things really boring.
[-] Inventory: Nothing changed in the inventory, it stood the warcraft's normal one, and that thing is just horrible for a RPG, especially when you need to carry your equipment.. There is just no room for potions or other thing. Put an inventory system there and things will be alright.

-When I was playing as guardian and piked up a mystic's weapon, it dropped, good... However the weapon model got stuck on me and I finished the game with a blue shining blade stuck on my arm.
-Gold coins are really hard to pick up, this isn't a bug at all, just a problem with the coin model, but still... It irritates.
-The guardian's spell tooltips repeats "level 2" when there should be level 3, 4 and 5.

Rating: 4/5 and +rep
This map has averything to be a perfect masterpiece, just fix some small things, right?
Last edited:
Level 4
May 29, 2008
Map is cool... but is you have non English game, than you have a huge problem. That font you use has only English alphabet. I have a Russian version so I lost all Russian text in UI. Thats really not good)
Level 2
Nov 22, 2011
Is it really like this..

After reaching level 5, i cannot gain exp anymore. after defeating the first boss, i level up then stocked on level 6. even i kill lvl 5-8 monster.. help please?
Level 2
Nov 22, 2011
bump.. im stocked. i killed the dragon already at level 7. when reaching lvl 9, cannot level again and 5quests are completed. and i cant find a way to another parts of the map

edit: lol. i used iseedeadpeople.. so, this map is unfinished?? epic map size but only 1/4 is used? and the file size is very big for a short game.. >.<

3/5 a game with a potential.. you should finish this map and create a storyline
Last edited:
Level 3
Feb 7, 2011
I defeated The Dragon , then i can't go to other area , the road was blocked by the trees , how can i pass though them ???
Last edited:
Level 1
May 9, 2010
Awesome ! 5/5, but I think it's needs the zone's names on the minimap.

PD: Still awesome ! D:

EDIT: I finish the map, too short, but you'll update with new zones, right?
Last edited:
Level 6
Feb 23, 2008
So it's not finished then. Too bad, has alot of potential and is one of the best maps I've played in a long time. The terrain is beast, though the fog was kinda annoying at first but it was kinda easy getting used to. Another annoying thing is the mini cutscene that occurs when you go to different areas. I still don't know what's the point of that aside from not letting enemies follow you to the other side.

For a review.

The good:

-Terrain is beast.
-Use of tons of custom shit made the map feel like something that's out fo WC3's reach.
-The voice acting's decent(someone mentioned it was from other games or something I think, so that's expected)
-You used WoW's Spirit healer :goblin_good_job:
-Bosses are awesome. Weren't bland encounters to say the least.

The bad:

-Game's unfinished.
-Fog is annoying but can get used to
-Animals have HP bars, which is kinda annoying since they can't be attacked.
-Gold is useless at the moment except for buying a few potions for boss fight I guess(Used three).
-Game's unfinished.
-Game's unfinished.

It's a 3/5 since it's unfinished. You get 1 for the terrain, 1 for the boss fight, and 1 for the potential.
Level 2
Mar 26, 2014
Feels unfinished :sad:

Needs more recipes for something other than main hand (there's 1 recipe for boots and 1 for helm and most if not all of the rest are main hands)

Would also be nice if there were some sort of backpack system for the (one) quest item and potions (or a custom equip system so you can actually use all 7 equipment types would be amazing) (Although you can sell items outside of town which is quite convenient)

Bosses seemed simple as Guardian (who i liked much better than Templar who seemed underpowered in comparison to Guardian) with the Q skill to drain life and either using your out of combat potion (from miscellaneous skills) during their intermedial phases or simply running away to buy time if for some reason your Q skill didn't heal enough (which it almost always did on normal)---was also easier to dps the skeleton without it's reincarnation being ready again (which made it a stalemate for my templar). (and the intermedial phases were all so simple to dodge)

Quests feel like they're lacking something when you hand them in (like a thank you or being told the good you've done)

That being said it looks absolutely amazing; does anything else even come close wc3 wise? Felt more like Diablo to me (or was that the music and text font making me nostalgic for their similarities?)

Loved the voice acting/dialogue.:prazz:


Map Reviewer
Level 67
Jun 4, 2009
It has the vibe of Diablo II not grateful to the music but because of the dark visuals. Actually, it's closer to Path of Exile because it's 3D.

-are those transition images really necessary?
-the Diablo font creates reading problems; it doesn't quite fit well to this game; it needs some tweaking
-after death appeared and Krasus reappeared and used his spinning ability, he stopped and didn't come to attack the hero when his ghosts were at him from the disance; he attacks again after going close to him
-please reduce the time for resurrection time; can't even load; must wait 25 secs...
-are corrupted creatures supposed to be sleeping at night?