Archangel Tyrael

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Tyrael and a generic Archangel hero.

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Archangel Tyrael (Model)

Hero Archangel (Model)

General Frank
A very good, custom model with beautiful particles and excellent UV work. Works in-game.
Level 35
Jul 29, 2008
Ah, gone over to the dark-side now, Direfury? ; )

//EDIT// Actually really impressive, man. Those particles are kickin'. I've never loved Diablo but you pretty much nailed it.

//EDIT2// Oh wonderful, you even included a Team-Color version for standard in-game heroes! Schweet.
OH Wow

Unfortunately, I couldn't keep the wing particles where I needed them during high-movement animations, so I opted for a different, stiffer stand-in set of particles.

how about enabling the the "Model Space" on particles so that when he move the particle wont create a trail or move, they just stay on there post

just like this
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Level 3
Apr 16, 2018
Just trying it. fckng nice. I know Tyrael`s moves, actions, words by heart since my 16. Also would love to have the dark version of it. like some black/dark fog glowing downwards: about his sword, or from his body, or all of them.
1. Guys, GreyKnight and Direfury, you had better team up and create the best Tyrael ever existed. You both have your own specific details.
0. Make his wings bigger if possible, more epic
2. Make him "like flying", you got it
3. When he casts a spell, he gets on his knee and leaning to his sword...just EPIC!!, made a flash in my mind from the game video. Epic point.
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Level 2
Aug 18, 2016
like others said, great armor/body model but wings do seriously need much work, any diablo fan knows that the thing which made tyrael epic was those light forged massive wings! without those its just a golden armor with hood, just like tyrael in Heroes of the storm, the Original tyrael wing is really needed!
i wish you could add tyrael's wings in this picture to your model: