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Animate Dead Ability?

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Level 7
Nov 18, 2012
I made a ability based on Animate Dead Item but when I trigger a unit to cast it it won't work.

  • Unit - Order (Triggering unit) to Undead Death Knight - Animate Dead
The function looks like this. Is there a problem with it (Works perfectly when activated manually)
Level 14
Aug 8, 2010
The problem may be because you have the ability in the object editor set to "Item Ability" instead of "Unit Ability".
I mean, check those two things inside the object editor while you have selected the spell :

1. "Stats - Hero Ability"
2. "Stats - Item Ability"

If the caster is a unit, set both of them to false. If it's a hero, set the first one to true and the second one to false.
However, i don't think this will do something...
Level 3
Sep 21, 2005
I just confirmed what maker said, 852217 works for hero ability and 852258 for the item ability if you have added it to the unit.
It doesn't sound like it from your opening post but if you are trying to use an actual item then i believe theres a gui function for that.
If it as an actual item ability you have added to a unit, i'm not sure why you wouldnt just use the normal hero ability unless you're trying to use 2 animate deads straight after one another.
If you are desperate a final method is to make a rune with animate dead and add it to the unit when you want it to cast, i'm pretty sure that would work, it works with most other instant no target abilties.
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