[General] A quick way to copy Object Editor Data Fields/Change the base ability

Level 22
Feb 6, 2014
Example Scenario:
I made a spell based on Channel and filled up the descriptions, hotkeys, manacost, cooldown, button positions, etc.
Now I want to make the spell instant without interrupting order so the solution is to base it on Berserk, but let's say that spell consists of 10 levels, do I have to manually copy each Object editor field from the Channel-based spell to the new Berserk-based spell or is there an easier workaround to this?
Level 11
Jun 2, 2004
Well there's the auto fill commands, but other than that, yeah, you have to copy manually.

There are a few script type systems to modify object data but that would be 50x more trouble to set up and figure out how to use than solving this particular problem manually.