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5 models Scarlet Crusade

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Level 23
Jul 26, 2008
Hi guys,

There is a map maker who is currently looking for 5 models for his campaign.

1. Alexandros Mograine (human) with his original warhammer
2. Alexandros Mograine (human) with the Ashbringer
3. Alexandros Mograine (undead) with the Ashbringer
4. Lilian Voss (human Scarlet Crusade)
5. Lilian Voss (undead)

I think he would appreciate it if any modellers would consider uploading those models to the model section for their next project.

Disclaimer: I know this looks very similar to the requests people make who ask for many models then do not create a map--- this is not that kind of request. The person in question has completed many projects in the past.
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Level 52
Dec 8, 2008

Trying something.


Nearly finished. Will remove his weapon in a different version so you can add the ashbringer via attachment. I'll maybe come up with an undead version too.

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