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Hero Request

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Level 7
Feb 16, 2011
Request: Alexandros Mograine

Type: Hero, edit arthas or whatever ya think would be easier

ReferencePic: Mograine
Scarlet Crusade Crest

Other: I dont mind if hes weaponless, but if you do keep a weapon please use ashbringer.

Texture: Want the armor being red and the scarlet crusade symbol on his chest instead of the blue gryphon crest. And with less facial hair depicting him as being younger. More like a scruff. :)
Level 12
Nov 29, 2010
Mograine with Scarlet Tabard

Credits to Tranquil and CloudWolf for their skin and model, just use Sunchips's Ashbringer model.


  • Mograine.mdx
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  • Mograine_portrait.mdx
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  • MograineHair.blp
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  • MograineScarlet.blp
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